Aseptic Predis X4

The Aseptic Predis X4 is an integrated blow-fill-cap solution for PET bottles that incorporates consolidated Predis™ dry preform sterilisation.
Predis™ technology injects Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the preform just before it enters the oven. This means the H2O2 is activated by the time it reaches the preform heating stage, which ensures a high level of decontamination, minimising the sterile zone and blocking any risk of contamination.

Critical parameters are monitored continuously to ensure full production sterility, beverage integrity and food safety, regardless of the type or characteristics of the liquid. The same dry decontamination technology is applied to caps with Capdis™, ensuring a 100% dry aseptic packaging solution when Predis and Capdis are combined.

  • Continuous production cycles lasting up to 240 hours
  • Optimum cost-efficiency and environmental footprint
  • Wide range of outputs and configurations


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