Actis Coating

Actis is the pioneering plasma coating technology, increasing PET barrier that extends the shelf life of beverages bottled in PET up to five times while enabling package lightweighting.

This solution is now available in an integrated blowing, plasma-coating and filling configuration with the latest generation of modular Sidel EvoBLOW™ Combi equipment.

Sidel Actis (Amorphous Carbon Treatment on Internal Surface) is a coating deposited inside a PET bottle. It is used for barrier protection when packaging CSDs, beer and oxygen sensitive beverages like juices, tea or coffee. Those market segments are experiencing strong growth in single serve PET bottle formats, which represent big challenges when it comes to long-term beverage quality, production cost, efficiency and reliability.

Nearly 30 Actis systems have been introduced globally, accounting for around five billion bottles produced across all the main beverage categories that require barrier protection. Today, beverage producers can combine the benefits of the flexible, proven and upgradeable Sidel Matrix system with a solution that provides significant opportunities for extending shelf life, bottle lightweighting and operational performance for production up to 40,000 bottles per hour.


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