Aseptic Blowing

With 50 years experience in aseptic, we proudly stand as the pioneers in preform sterilization. Our extensive experience has propelled us to set the industry standard in aseptic technology with our groundbreaking solution, Sidel Predis™.
It offers unparalleled simplicity and safety. How can we make such a claim? It's simple - Predis effectively utilizes a minimal amount of sterilant before the oven.
Predis™ technology injects Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the preform just before it enters the oven. This means the H2O2 is activated by the time it reaches the preform heating stage, without requiring any further energy, ensuring a high level of decontamination, minimising the sterile zone and avoiding any risk of contamination. This meticulous process ensures the highest level of safety and quality for your products.
Our innovative approach continues with an aseptic blower, without the need of having it fully sterilizable. This streamlined process not only simplifies operations but also enhances efficiency and safety, saving you valuable time and resources.
At Sidel, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your products. That's why we have developed Sidel Predis™ - a game-changer in preform sterilization. Our technology ensures that your products meet the strictest hygiene standards, giving you peace of mind and your customers the utmost confidence in your brand.

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