Lebanon’s leading water bottler, Tannourine Water, increases production and improves efficiency



Sidel Matrix machine

Tannourine Water was also able to improve their current bottle design by integrating the patented Sidel StarLite™ water base, which will further help the Lebanese bottler save energy consumption during blowing and reduce the amount of PET needed, while still retaining a great performing bottle and consumer experience.



Tannourine Water has been sourcing natural mineral water from the Tannourine Mountains for over 30 years, and with its own expertise has been able to source and bottle one of the purest natural mineral waters in the country. The company distributes its products to all of its customers nationwide and even beyond to neighbouring Arab countries, West Africa and Australia. It sells around 150 million litres of water per year, which accounts for the company's leading position in today's competitive global markets. According to figures estimated by Euromonitor, consumption of bottled water in Lebanon is expected to rise from 92.4 litres per capita in 2014, to 95.4 litres per capita in 2015.

 Tannourine one bottle

"We are confident that the Sidel Matrix Combi line will help us meet our objectives in the market and achieve operational excellence, as the criteria we followed to make our decision included capital cost, maintenance and running costs, technical capabilities and after-sales support," said Georges Makhoul, General Manager of Tannourine Water.


The Sidel StarLite base increases durability, stability and overall resistance of the bottles. Additionally, the design offers a more energy-efficient method of production, allowing producers to blow the bottle with a lower amount of air pressure, resulting in savings in terms of energy and the amount of PET used for the overall production of the bottles. The base was designed by Sidel's packaging team, part of its Sidel Services™ business unit, and made available to producers worldwide. A similar base is also available for carbonated soft drinks, offering the same advantages.


"Equipped with the latest proven technologies, our Sidel Matrix Combi system offers a higher level of performance, greater efficiency and improved uptime. We're delighted that Tannourine Water chose our equipment, and we hope to continue working with them to introduce even more innovative packaging solutions into the Lebanese market," said Karel Brussen, Regional Commercial Manager of Sidel in Lebanon.


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