The water bottler had worked closely with Sidel over several years, enjoying the benefits of the company's production lines, services support and solution-based approach.  On the suggestion of the company's Sidel Services team, Sude improved its line with the installation of an Ecoven on its Sidel blower.  By doing so, it was able to reduce its use of energy by 35 percent.


Owner of the Sude bottling facility, Mustafa Demiray, says: "We are happy with our machine's performance and are always on the lookout for upgrades that help us perform better while saving energy and costs."


Sidel Sude Turkey LabellerContinuing growth of bottled water

Throughout Turkey, sales of bottled water grew by 4% to a national total consumption of 11 billion litres in 2012.  This increase came about primarily as a result of the popular move from tap water to bottled water.  Bottled still water is the most popular "soft" drink consumed throughout the day or accompanying meals.  The high consumption levels are certainly helped by its low cost to the consumer.  As cities and urban areas continue to expand through increasing population, the bottled water market is expected to continue to grow.


Sude Natural Spring Water

Sude's production facilities are located in Inegol County in Turkey's Bursa City. The source of the water is in Uludag, within the forests of beeches and pines at a level of 1,500m above the sea.  The region is full of granite and quartzite structures, rocks that are said to provide the best tasting water.


During most of the year, the area is usually covered by snow, particularly throughout the winter.  The water reaches the production line in its natural state retaining the original taste and purity from its source in Uludag. It is bottled automatically under strict conditions of hygiene, with no human contact.


In the company's laboratories, Sude Natural Spring Water undergoes daily analysis.  The Turkish Ministry of Health and Regional Health Directorate also conduct regular quality controls.


Sidel Sude Turkey LineFewer lamps using less energy

After the company responded to Sidel's suggestions, the filling facility received an upgrade to the blower and now has a Sidel Ecoven installed.  The Combi 20 SBO delivers high output rates with outstanding bottle quality.  It also gives Sude strong production reliability and minimum operating costs.  The Ecoven uses fewer lamps for heating the preforms, substantially reducing its energy consumption by 35%.  The Sidel Combi line runs at output rates of 40,000 bottles per hour (bph) for the 0.33 and 0.5 litre formats, and at speeds of 26,000 bph for the larger 1.5 litre bottles.


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