PET Engineering celebrates its 20th Anniversary in the business of PET packaging

PET Engineering celebrates its first 20 years of activity. The history of the company began even earlier, in 1986, when Moreno Barel, former owner and CEO, started acquiring the technical skills and know-how that have become the sturdy foundations of the company since 1999.

PET Engineering is now one of the most well-known specialists in packaging design of PET containers worldwide and counts brands such as Pepsico, Nestlé Waters, Carlsberg, Heineken and Coca-Cola among its global customers. This result was possible thanks to its truly innovative approach, never seen in the field before, which integrates design, engineering and industrialization making the company obtain 18 awards for its creative and fully feasible packaging. This winning approach generated the interest of Sidel Group that finalized the acquisition in October 2018. 

Packaging has a critical impact on the whole supply chain efficiency and therefore is a key enabler for our brand promise – Performance through Understanding – and for the strategy behind it. The acquisition of PET Engineering last year has been generating a solid value for the Group” comments Pavel Shevchuk, Executive Vice President Services, Sidel

So, PET Engineering celebrates its 20th Anniversary as part of Sidel - one of the three business groups of Tetra Laval, with more than 40,000 machines in operation in 190 countries and 170 years of proven experience and innovation - and it’s ready to live the coming years bringing to the Group more business opportunities, offering customers a single interface for any need related to food & beverage packaging design and development.

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