Kohlox is a thermo-composite material that self-lubricates, meaning less time spent greasing and degreasing and more time spent manufacturing. The material also helps improve hygiene and reduces wear and tear during production, saving both time and money.


The implementation of Kohlox means that moulds stay clean, which means that bottles stay clean as well. It also contributes to a longer cam life within a blower through lighter mould bases. Furthermore, the benefits of increased hygiene and reduced maintenance can be further enhanced on a blower with the fitting of a 'diamond-like carbon' coating treatment on the mould locking pins.


"Beverage producers around the world have been benefitting from the grease-free Kohlox technology for mould sizes of 2 litres and below for the past few years," explains Gilles Leroux, Product Manager at Sidel. "We are now delighted to introduce the new technology for larger mould sizes, so more beverage producers and their products can also benefit from this technology."


Sidel has sold over 350,000 moulds to beverage producers worldwide, including over 24,000 in 2013 alone. With a global network of mould manufacturing centres, it produces a full range of moulds engineered for the most demanding production speeds and tested to protect beverage products and brands. Available in high-quality aluminium or stainless steel, the moulds can be adapted to all generations of Sidel blow moulders, offering excellent freedom of shape, quick and easy changeovers, and high safety and product quality. Other mould innovations from Sidel include Modulomould™, with a swappable mould insert that allows producers to produce different bottle designs with quick 30-second changeovers.


"When our moulds are combined with Sidel's packaging design expertise and fast line conversion services, beverage producers can get a quick and complete concept-to-consumer solution for new or updated beverage products," adds Delphine Hallot, Director for Line Conversions & Moulds at Sidel.


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