Is there a better way to manage my packaging line project?

You’ve installed best-in-class machines, yet performances are disappointing. Your project schedules have been perfectly defined, but you still suffering from slow start-ups and delays bringing your product to market. And although each machine is working well, you still get bottlenecks and downtime. Does this sound familiar? Integration could be the answer to all these problems: an ‘off the shelf’ line configuration with its own settings and technologies is not necessarily tailored to your circumstances, while bundling solutions may not offer a real overall concept.


That’s where we come in. With over three decades of experience in packaging line design and more than 400 line audits performed on behalf of clients in a wide variety of industrial sectors, most notably beverages, food, home and personal care, and pharmaceuticals, we regularly encounter line design issues when executing our expert analyses, and have developed a peerless expertise in the optimisation of packaging systems.


A demanding, fast-moving market

Now more than ever, the pressure to deliver optimal results with minimal delays is a reality that packaging and production managers have to deal with every day. Bottlenecks and packaging quality issues, slow start-ups and delays, to name but a few, can have serious knock-on effects for the whole production process in this industry. Our customers need their systems to meet certain essential requirements:

  • Product integrity at all times (even in difficult formats such as soft packaging or shaped bottles) to deliver premium quality: no scuffing, label damage, spillage or squeezing
  • Line flexibility – quick changeovers between product formats, whether manual or fully automated, post-changeover vertical start-up, ease of use for operators
  • Efficiency: achieving superior Overall Equipment Effectiveness results by ensuring that Mean Time to Recovery and Mean Time Between Failures are kept to a bare minimum.
  • Total Productive Maintenance: reduced cost and time for maintenance, maintenance free systems/machines…
  • Versatility to adapt to future requirements (multiplication of SKUs, reduced operating window for modification, etc.)
  • Driving down OPEX: cutting down on energy use, waste, packaging volumes and the number of operators required per line.

The key to reconciling performance and cost-effectiveness is integration: Gebo Cermex’s integration business model represents an invaluable middle ground between fully turnkey solutions and in-house engineering.


How Gebo Cermex makes the difference

The Gebo Cermex Line Integration service is founded on three key areas of excellence:

  • Packaging equipment – In full impartiality, Gebo Cermex offers a mix of best-in-class equipment from a variety of suppliers, delivering unbeatable flexibility, OEE and ease of use.
  • Fine-tuned line control and automation – Our experts precisely calibrate your line operations to protect your products and ensure your line runs smoothly, efficiently and in a fully coordinated manner.
  • Project Management – from time to market to cost and quality control, we design your ideal line with the emphasis on functionality, efficiency, ergonomics and productivity.

A threefold value proposition

The Gebo Cermex Line Integration service has been designed to deliver concrete solutions, guaranteeing:

  • Means: a fully staffed project team with seamless responsibility and single project management
  • Concept: a design concept that works with a mix of equipment from different suppliers in all impartiality
  • Results: guaranteed operating performance with the very best compromise between CAPEX and OPEX for each component

So, what’s my next step?

The choice is simple: for an existing line or a brand new line, we have an adapted solution that will take into consideration your constraints in terms of Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expenditure (OPEX):

  • Existing line project: we propose an Audit to quantify potential savings and ensure you get a Return On Investment on your Brownfield project
  • New line project: thanks to Line Design & 3D Simulations we deliver a technical and economic validation of your packaging line concept

So, for the first steps of your forthcoming integration project, are you ready for a quick win thanks to one of these two solutions?



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