Gebo Reichstett delivers its 500th Aidlin cap feeder

Whatever the type of cap, whether it’s a sports or plastic screw cap or beer crown, Gebo cap feedingsystems from the Aidlin range offer efficiency rates in excess of 99.5% for low, medium and high throughput. The market can’t be wrong: at the beginning of 2014, Gebo’s Reichstett factory passed the 500 delivered machines mark.


Aidlin cap feeders, at the heart of Gebo’s long-standing expertise


The Aidlin range

The first Aidlin cap feeder appeared in 1988 in Sarasota, Florida. Different models followed, to make up a comprehensive range of feeder systems. All use a common principle of gravitational orientation of caps and crowns, or the “waterfall” system, as it is better known.


“Waterfall” technology

Integrated within the packaging line to feed the capping machine, the machine grabs the caps from the bulk storage in the hopper at ground level, brings them up on a belt equipped with cleats, and orientates them by gravity. Any improperly-positioned cap falls back into the hopper. Only those that are correctly orientated continue their journey towards the capping machine.


Efficiency in excess of 99.5%

At low, medium and high throughput, the Aidlin cap feeder guarantees a precise supply flow to the capping / filling machine for optimum line efficiency.


Hygiene on cap

The Gebo cap feeder positions the cap outside the filling zone so that no dust or PET particles can fall into the products. This is a particularly decisive advantage in the case of sterile bottling lines, aseptic packaging, or indeed for beer, where flash pasteurization technology is used before filling.


1,600 Aidlin cap feeders in the world


The cap as an innovative product

  • Regular weight reduction, thanks to progress with materials and industrial processes.
  • Shapes to accommodate new use, adding complexity, like sports caps, for example.

Constant adaptation of Aidlin cap feeders

The Aidlin range has evolved to maintain its differentiation, whatever the line specifications and innovations. Their efficiency remains unparalleled in every segment : CSDs, water, fruit juices, beer, personal care and detergents.


Gebo’s technological lead

Gebo was the first equipment supplier, and the only one to date, to have the know-how to integrate “waterfall” technology into high-throughput beer lines using crown caps.


Production working near its markets

Each major market (Europe, North America and Asia) is served by a dedicated Gebo site which adapts machines to local specifications and reduces transport costs. The manufacture of Aidlin cap feeders is spread throughout the world between Laval (Canada), Beijing (China) and Reichstett (France).


The Reichstett factory leading the way

The first cap feeder manufactured at the Reichstett factory came out of the workshops in 2001. Increased manufacturing throughput and upskilling have been able to rely on modern production management tools like Lean management and systematic factory acceptance tests.


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