Sidel expands overwrapping portfolio with EvoFilm® Stretch – top-tier sustainable technology

Sidel’s latest stretch film technology, EvoFilm® Stretch, is designed to offer the beverage, food, home and personal care (FHPC) markets a new sustainable solution for secondary packaging.

As consumer trends, such as sustainability and SKU proliferation, continue to affect distribution and production needs, customers require alternative secondary packaging solutions which can address these demands, in a more cost-effective way. 

In response, Sidel offers a new stretch film technology to revolutionise wrapping processes. Complementing its existing packaging portfolio, the new EvoFilm® Stretch achieves 90 percent energy savings and a 50 percent reduction in plastic film[1]

Today, plastic film continues to be an ideal material for secondary packaging due to its best-in-class lightness and density ratio per selling unit. 

Sustainable advantages 

Removing the need for any heat, the wrapping technology involves pre-stretching the film and wrapping it around the primary packaging. With this unique advantage, EvoFilm® Stretch reduces plastic film consumption while using significantly less energy. 

“Compared to traditional solutions, our new stretch wrapping solution is a sustainable choice for customers who are looking for alternative secondary packaging. This solution mainly targets multipacks and logistics packs, where printed film is not required, ensuring material reduction, low ecological impact and cost-savings,” said Giorgio Rocca, End of Line Product Manager. “With the ability to handle recycled film, EvoFilm® Stretch addresses our customers’ sustainability objectives while being a competitive option.”

Meeting customer needs

With speeds up to 80 packs per minute, the new solution quickly stretches the film and applies the correct wrapping force to any packaging format. Applicable to all types of containers from 0.1 to 8 litres, in bulk or multipacks, and for a wide range of pack formats, EvoFilm® Stretch is a versatile solution which can meet the demands facing the beverages and FHPC industries. 

Maximum flexibility

Suitable for all SKUs and primary packaging types, EvoFilm® Stretch is a modular solution that can be sold as a single unit as well as part of a complete line. The technology is user-friendly and achieves a toolless manual format changeover in less than 12 minutes/module. 

EvoFilm® Stretch also removes the need for a shrink tunnel and tunnel discharge equipment, creating a smaller, compact operational footprint for customers.

[1] Compared to traditional solutions, based on the following assumptions:

1.75 L – 3x2 (figures for 1000 packs)

   Shrink Solution   Stretch Solution  Saving
Plastic used [Kg] 16.9 8.6  -8.3   -49% 
Energy consumption [kWh] 25.1 2.8  -22.3   -89% 
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