Sidel BoostPRIME opens the door to premiumisation and revenue generation for hot-filled beverages in PET

BoostPRIME™ is a unique PET packaging solution, offering a great alternative for hot-filled beverages in PET bottles. It expands the opportunities for product premiumisation and revenue generation with no compromise on packaging performance and consumer experience. This patented solution is addressing the single serve market of JNSDIT (juice, nectar, soft drink, isotonics, tea) filled in PET bottles of up to 1.2L at a temperature of 85-88°C.

The BoostPRIME packaging solution removes the need for restrictive vacuum panels or gas addition into PET bottles normally required for the containers to resist hot-filling temperatures. The final bottle shape is achieved with an active base inversion and relies on three key features with minor impact on the packaging manufacturing line layout:

  • The packaging design requires specific base geometry and specifications.
  • The Base OverStroke System (BOSS) allows the mechanical forming of the bottle base during the blowing process.
  • The inverter contributes to the base inversion. This step takes place after filling and capping, tilting and cooling and before labelling. It balances the negative pressure induced by the beverage cooling in the bottle from 85°C to ambient temperature. 

Premiumisation: increased packaging appeal to stand out on the shelf 

The removal of the technical constraints of the bottle vacuum offers total freedom of shape in order to attain premium and distinctive PET bottles. It allows a uniform look and feel for hot and aseptically-filled bottles for consistent brand image. Any iconic bottle shape with panels can be easily adapted without impacting the consumer perception. Besides that, it enlarges the branding opportunities as the bottles labelling surface with no vacuum panel is smoother and contributes to a greater and more impactful look and feel. The labelling quality for both roll-fed labels and sleeve labels is highly improved due to an inner bottle pressure during label application. 

Revenue generation: a very cost-effective solution with significant savings 

The BoostPRIME packaging solution significantly reduces consumption of PET resin: it can decrease the current heat resistant (HR) bottle weight by up to 30% compared to regular HR PET bottles. It also allows producers to save on label material by enabling to switch from a sleeve to a roll-fed label application. All the process parameters – air blowing pressure, air cooling – are optimised at maximum mechanical speed. When investing in the BoostPRIME solution for a new hot-fill PET line to produce a 1L hot-filled bottle, beverage producers can very quickly reach a one-year payback when considering the additional investment versus a traditional line configuration.[1] By shifting from regular HR bottles with vacuum panels decorated with sleeve labels to lightweighted BoostPRIME bottles decorated with roll-fed labels, the bottle lightweighting potential is estimated to be between three and seven grams, complemented with a ten time reduction in label costs. 

Top bottle quality and expanded package performances 

The complete packaging solution ensures a very consistent blowing process and final bottle base profile for a top bottle quality and a great consumer experience. Although it is light, the bottle is just as strong when cooled because the inner bottle pressure stemming from the base inversion reduces risk of deformation. The quality of the label application is especially optimised as the container is stronger and the bottle wall surface is smoother. Additionally, the large seating diameter of the base improves the bottle’s stability through the packaging line and on the pallet, thus contributing to line efficiency. 

The first successful BoostPRIME hot-fill PET lines are running in Mexico 

The Sidel BoostPRIME packaging solution has been validated with a key customer in Mexico, where the industrial production has successfully started early this year. With nearly 50 SKUs in production, this beverage producer already achieved tremendous bottle weight savings up to 32%.[2] Those hot-filled drinks including juice, tea and isotonics are produced by using a variety of production configurations: off-line and in-line production, existing and new Sidel blowing and filling equipment, stand-alone Sidel blower and Sidel integrated blow-fill-cap Combi, SBO Universal and SBO Sidel Matrix™ blower ranges, contact filling and flow meter filling, applying roll-fed and sleeve labels. All the lines configured for BoostPRIME can also produce standard heat-resistant bottles with or without panels, which increases the versatility of this packaging solution.


More information on Sidel BoostPRIME:


[1] Line with 20 blowing stations, running at 1,800 bottles/hour/mould and 5000-hour production/year.

[2] The savings of 32% are in relation to a 237ml bottle format.

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