Considering Variety Packs for your Hard Seltzers & Other RTDs?

Hard seltzers and other Ready To Drink beverages have seen a growth in demand in the last years. Such expansion, influenced by the retail and E-commerce platforms, led to a high need for customization and Variety Packs. Undoubtedly, this generates pressure at manufacturing and supply chain levels for brand owners, who are constantly looking to manage these requirements while producing their mass-market products.

The difficulty arises when the main solution is to increase costly and non-eco-friendly manual repacking operations to meet these market challenges.

Join us for this insightful conversation to talk about Variety Packs for Hard Seltzers and other Ready to Drink beverages, and learn more about tailored-made and smart solutions to tackle your challenges:

  • What are the latest retailer and e-commerce trends on variety packs for hard seltzers?
  • What are the challenges of mass customization and variety packs production?
  • How to make manufacturing safe by avoiding repetitive motion-related injuries?
  • What can you do today as a manufacturer with your existing assets?
  • How to improve your productivity, lower TCO, and operate sustainably?
29 June | 11 AM EST
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