Join us for a webinar on how to transition to up to 100% rPET efficiently

Environmental awareness has been growing constantly in recent decades and today the global market is undergoing a major transformation towards greener packaging. Brands are committing to this transition to satisfy market expectations and comply with local regulations.

To meet the industry’s sustainability targets, raw packaging material is a major lever that is mainly addressed through lightweighting and recycling. PET, which has one of the smallest environmental footprints and is 100% recyclable, has proven to be a highly sustainable and effective food grade solution. This is currently driving a strong market demand for recycled PET (rPET), as it is essential for tomorrow's sustainable packaging.

So how can your brand achieve this shift to a still-developing rPET market?

We have organised a special rPET webinar where Sidel packaging and equipment specialists will provide you with the keys to achieving consistent rPET bottle quality and production performance at the lowest possible cost.

They will help you:

  • Gain insights into dynamic rPET market trends, as well as rPET resin and preform sourcing, availability and costs
  • Identify the most cost-effective rPET transition
  • Understand rPET resin properties and their impact on your blowing process
  • Discover how to secure consistent production performance and quality with up to 100% rPET

Our speakers

Vincent Le Guen - VP Packaging, Moulds & Line Solutions | Sidel
Vincent has been Vice President of Packaging since 2021 and leads Sidel’s Packaging, Moulds & Line Solutions. His responsibilities range from packaging specifications to full line conversion and improvement solutions through equipment upgrades, blowing mould supply, including packaging & preform design, liquid-package interaction analysis, SKU optimisation and renewal, and packaging qualification and approval for commercialization.
Naima Boutroy - Packaging Expert Global & Global Technical Support | Sidel
Naima’s responsibilities include a specific focus on sensitive product solutions support, such as packaging and preform performance evaluation, barrier packaging solutions, and recycling.
Jérôme Neveu - Packaging Product Manager | Sidel
Jérôme’s mission is to drive the development of value-added packaging innovations with a focus on carbon footprint and production cost reduction, while optimising packaging ergonomics and functionality.
José André - Technical Sales Manager | Sidel
José plays an active role in supporting customer satisfaction by defining the best solutions to meet each customer’s specific expectations. His expertise and skills in Project Management, Packaging and Technical Sales Support are leveraged daily to support the Sidel sales force.
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