Join our webinar on safe and sustainable PET packaging solutions for dairy and plant-based beverages

Dairy and plant-based beverage producers face challenges in developing sustainable, planet-smart production practices. 

During this webinar series, you will gain insights into the trends and technologies that are driving innovation in dairy and plant-based beverage PET packaging. This will help you to improve and future proof your production—ultimately ensuring the availability of nutrient rich, enjoyable and safe foods in sustainable packaging. 

Session 1: June 15, 9-10 AM CET:

Update on the latest market & consumer trends, and sustainable packaging innovations with market research firm Mintel and PET packaging innovator Sidel. 

Session 2: June 16, 9-10 AM CET:

Deep dive into simple and safe Aseptic filling technology. Plus, a case study from Bickford’s, one of the oldest and most valued Australian brands. 

Join the two free-to-attend sessions to interact with our experts and get answers to your burning questions.

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