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1SKIN™ is a unique PET bottle design for sensitive beverages that efficiently communicates brand messages and ecological commitment. Like any skin, 1SKIN™ protects the elements inside it with a minimalist approach and premium appeal to ensure it stands out on the shelf. Inspired by nature and the importance of healthy living, this outstanding eco solution is an ideal way to make the packaging industry more sustainable. 

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Stay ahead of regulations and achieve your sustainability targets with 1SKIN™, the all-in-one PET bottle dress code that complies with the new plastic economy and helps reduce carbon footprint. This optimised and eco-friendly packaging is the perfect lever to state the green commitment of brands with features including:

  • primary packaging designed for recycling
  • label-free for greater rPET resin quality
  • tethered cap in line with 2024 EU SUP directive
  • bottle made of 100% recycled PET
  • right weight to optimise material usage


1SKIN™ is a 1L bottle for sensitive juices, teas and flavoured drinks with a distinctive streamlined design. Perfect for high appeal packaging, it offers top bottle quality and optimised performance:

  • safe design that protects product integrity for perfect quality during its entire shelf life
  • resistant StarLite™ Sensitive base to unlock production speed and increase packaging performance
  • comfortable pouring and drinking thanks to an ergonomic grip and cap lock
  • minimalist, premium, label-free design with multiple font and texture options and attractive natural light and shadow play
  • QR or bar code printed on bottle closure to provide info to consumers or enable individual unit sales
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