Gulfood Manufacturing

The Middle East food and beverage industry is witnessing phenomenal growth. The MENA food and beverage sector is predicted to achieve 7.4% annual growth over the next four  years[1].

As an alternative to importing expensive finished products, food and beverage businesses are looking to move up the value chain and increase production within the region. Buyers in this market are seeking innovation, efficiency, improved output and production flexibility from companies supplying machinery, packaging, logistics and ingredients.


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At Sidel, we will be presenting our latest equipment innovations as well as you can find out more about our Services




Sidel understands the rising demands in packaging industry and will be presenting its innovations and services that support our customers in this region, such as: 



Do you have any questions, challenges? Meet our experts to receive answers and to discuss your opportunities in this incerasing market.

Contact us and secure an appointment at Sidel booth for the event.



Please find some practical information about the event here



  [1] Source: Euromonitor



7-9 november - dubai, uae
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