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Sidel acquires Makro Labelling to expand offering in labelling machines


Sidel merges COMEP and PET Engineering into new PET packaging services provider COMPETEK


Gentlebrand, born from the experience of Sidel and PET Engineering,  specializes in packaging design.


Sidel acquires Comep further establishing their moulds and tooling offering


Sidel  acquires PET Engineering to strengthen and diversify packaging solutions portfolio


Sidel launches Predis™, a unique dry preform decontamination system

Tetra Laval

Simonazzi joins the Tetra Laval Group and merges with Sidel to provide complete liquid-packaging solutions for the beverage industry

Tetra laval 2003

The Sidel Group, including Gebo and Cermex, joins the Tetra Laval Group, becoming one of its three main industrial groups alongside Tetra Pak and De Laval.


Sidel introduces the world's first integrated blow-fill-cap solution, the Sidel Combi, initially for still water. The same year, it acquires Gebo and Alsim, an Italian manufacturer of filling machines.


Sidel aquires Cermex


Sidel introduces the world's first SBO commercial production solution for PET beverages, with the SBO blower for carbonated soft drinks and output of 3,600 bottles per hour.

Sidel founded

Sidel is founded in Le Havre, France, by Georges Lesieur. The name is an acronym resulting from original French, "Société Industrielle Des Emballages Légers," or "Industrial Company of Light Packaging".


Simonazzi Workshops is founded in Parma, Italy, by Pompeo Simonazzi, to offer mechanical equipment to local farmers. Simonazzi gradually extends its capabilities to filling and bottling of beverages.

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