The Factory of the Future driven by innovation in 2016

In order to make packaging line operations better, faster and more efficient, key players in the Industry 4.0 movement have to commit to innovation by creating Smart Factories where computerized systems can be used to design, simulate, monitor and safeguard physical processes.


In this new industrial revolution, Gebo Cermex is launching the Agility 4.0™ program with a palette of already 4 new 4.0 tools which are innovative, intuitive and fully integrated with the company’s existing industrial and design processes: 3D Scan, the most accurate field survey of an existing environment to perfectly secure supply fits; Virtual Reality Simulation to visualise new installations with immersive 360° models; Energy Simulation to assess or forecast consumption and emissions; and finally, the company’s live remote video technical support service, taking assistance up to the Factory of the Future level with the exclusive addition of Augmented Reality technology.


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