The challenge

UAE-based IFFCO Group enhances the lives of millions of consumers worldwide with a wide range of leading FMCG brands and an array of industry solutions and services. With a  presence in over 100 countries and a diverse portfolio of 80+ brands, IFFCO Group is renowned for its innovation, convenience, and sustainability. To meet the increasing consumer demands in Iraq, the company established its first factory in Baghdad, solely focused on producing high-quality condiments. With the aim of increasing production capacity across the region, IFFCO Group turned to Sidel for a comprehensive and top-tier solution for both the site in Iraq and IFFCO's group factory in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates.

The solution

IFFCO Group entrusted Sidel to oversee the entire turnkey line project and ensure optimal efficiency. Sidel has tailored the complete lines around their best-selling equipment, strategically placed at each crucial stage of the packaging process. The upstream part of the line benefits from the compact blow/fill/cap Combi solution, which integrates Serac’s accurate weight filler. Further down the line, the AQFlex system maintains bottle integrity during transfer, while the Cermex WB46 case packer ensures perfect packaging despite counterpressure limitations. End-of-line efficiency is later delivered through the RoboAccess robotic palletiser.

The outcome

Sidel's involvement significantly improved production capacity at IFFCO's sites in Iraq and Al-Ain, UAE. These lines handle a capacity of up to 9,000 bottles per hour (bph) and have the flexibility to handle three unique bottle designs, two cap options, and three label variations. By incorporating Sidel's cutting-edge equipment and through the optimal utilization of individual assets, the sites have benefitted from enhanced overall efficiency. Sidel also supported IFFCO Group in redesigning their condiment bottle range, focusing on convenience, sustainability, and appealing design. Additional light-weighting steps are now in place and opportunities available through the utilisation of r-PET have also been discussed.

"With Sidel as a single point of contact, we get a high-quality, end-to-end solution with creative industrial bottle design and state-of-the-art equipment, to meet all our needs of innovation, convenience and sustainability."

Andrew Dribny

CEO of IFFCO Group – Culinary

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