The issue relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals


Training & development

Sidel fosters a culture of continuous learning through upskilling, reskilling, and lifelong learning opportunities. In 2023, our eXtra Leadership Program empowered Senior leaders, and in 2024, we will extend leadership development to all managers. Our training course library demonstrates our commitment to continuous development.

We actively advocate a feedback culture through our Annual Performance Appraisal with "Multi-Rater Feedback" as this is key to performance improvement and career advancement.

Our Future Talent Program accelerates skill development for new graduates, while the relaunch of our Incubator Program prepares high-potential employees for leadership roles.

Our Success Behaviours Recognition Program, launched in 2023, also promotes a culture of appreciation and excellence by recognizing employees’ stand-out actions and attitudes. 

togetherWE GROW platform

In a world where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a critical necessity, Sidel has introduced togetherWE GROW, a platform designed to empower employees to navigate the global transformation needed to drive sustainability. Sidel strives to equip everyone with the tools and expertise required to stay ahead of the curve during these transformative times.

At the heart of the togetherWE GROW gamified platform lies a commitment to:

  • Learning about Sidel’s Sustainability topics and acquiring knowledge and skills.
  • Having fun through gamification to connect with colleagues, share ideas, commit to sustainable daily and weekly actions and take part in collaborative training
  • Enjoying rewards as learning successes will be recognized and rewarded on the platform as well as in Sidel’s Recognition Program 

Growing sustainability skills is a core value at Sidel.

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