EvoFlex®: The high-speed palletizer with all the advantages of low-level infeed

12 layers per minute with low-level infeed


The EvoFlex® universal high-speed palletizer offers the perfect balance of flexibility and efficiency. Its ground level infeed is a significant advantage, in that:

  • No pack elevator or platform is required, further enhancing the system’s ergonomic efficiency
  • It offers much-improved energy consumption.
  • Crucially, this compact, ground-level layout effectively eliminates the health and safety risks posed by stairs, gantries, elevated platforms, lift systems etc.

EvoFlex® also works with high-speed applications, but unlike its competitors, does not need to switch to high-level infeed in such cases: it is the only palletizer with a low-level infeed capable of running at up to 12 layers per minute.


All existing products and packaging types… As well as new formats and patterns


EvoFlex®’s RoboSmart robotic layer preparation line is extremely flexible, offering:

  • The best way of preparing layers without shocks – a particularly important feature for high-speed operations and for glass bottles.
  • Palletizing of all types of products (PET, glass, cans…)
  • Palletizing of secondary packaging formats (packs, cases, crates…).

Furthermore, the system’s palletizing software allows for the easy creation of new formats and pallet patterns. And last but by no means least, EvoFlex®‘s brushless technology substantially reduces energy consumption.


Benchmark-setting innovation

The combination of EvoFlex® with Versafilm® along with the company’s integration expertise to form VersaBloc® is a totally unique proposition: a high-performance, ergonomically-designed end-of-line system incorporating both overwrapping and palletizing functions. It offers superb energy efficiency, as well as slashing TCO costs by as much as 8%. A feat made possible by the marriage of two patented technological breakthroughs and the company’s longstanding expertise.


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