Yotvata Dairy 2019

The challenge

Founded in 1962 and located in a kibbutz in the heart of the desert, approximately 40 km north of the Red Sea, Yotvata Dairy has demonstrated the feasibility of milk production under desert conditions. With the launch of a new two-litre PET milk bottle, Yotvata’s objective was to break the visual codes with the past and with the competition. The majority of dairy players in Israel bottle their products in HDPE and carton, so Yotvata’s choice to increasingly adopt PET as its preferred packaging material contributes to a distinctive brand positioning and establishes it as pioneers on the market.

The solution

As a long-term business partner, Sidel supported Yotvata in designing and qualifying the new two-litre PET bottle, helping the producer overcome any obstacle placed by the big size format, while enhancing users’ convenience. The new design concentrates the material’s tightness in the gripping area to avoid any splashing effect when pouring the product in a glass. Additionally, it also counterbalances the vacuum effect, which may impact products distributed via cold-chain. Ultimately, to meet increased demand for its wide range of milk-based products, Yotvata decided to purchase their second aseptic complete PET line from Sidel. The new line features Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis™, complemented by Capdis™ which combines preform and cap sterilisation, blowing and sealing functions in a single enclosure for a 100%-sterile filled and capped PET bottle. In addition it includes also Sidel’s RollQuattro labeller, EvoFilm® shrink-wrapping system and a PalKombi, an automatic palletiser. 

The outcome

The Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis offers optimal cost-efficiency and environmental footprint as it does not consume any water and only very few chemicals and allows unlimited bottle lightweighting. This proven solution has already contributed to save seven billion litres of water and 57,000 tonnes of PET, while producing 46 billion bottles. In this revolutionary technology, the blower oven activates the sterilising effect of the hydrogen peroxide vapour without the need for additional heating of the preforms. The same technology is used for the cap sterilisation, ensuring a 100% dry aseptic PET packaging solution.

"“We already had a very positive experience with the Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ technology for PET production on the first line we purchased from them in 2014. This new packaging line will allow us to increase the production capacity on existing products while reducing our environmental footprint, mainly due to the switch from HDPE to PET and the bottle lightweighting potential offered by Sidel’s integrated dry preform decontamination system.”"

Achiraz Horesh

COO at Yotvata

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