Huanlejia 2018

The challenge

When the Chinese company started producing its coconut milk – formerly packaged in HDPE – in PET bottles, its main objectives were to reinforce its brand image and increase production speed. Sidel’s strong reputation in the aseptic sector was key when Huanlejia selected it as a partner in acquiring two new PET packaging lines. Sidel showed its proven expertise as a full solution partner, assisting with product preparation and treatment through all stages of aseptic packaging and right through to logistics. Sidel’s complete solutions are designed and engineered based on each customer’s needs, always making performance key. All-round 360° safety is also assured by meeting the required standards for food safety, product integrity, traceability, and ergonomic operator procedures.

The solution

Acknowledging Sidel‘s heritage, the Chinese company opted for two aseptic PET complete lines running at 48,000 bph. Both lines are equipped with the Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill, applying traditional wet bottle decontamination to ensure beverage integrity. They also include Cermex conveyors and automatic PalKombi palletisers. The efficiency of the entire line is tracked and optimised with the EIT® (Efficiency Improvement Tool) system. This encourages improved productivity and gives employees at all levels of the organisation real-time access to relevant and actionable information on performance, quality, efficiency, losses, and other production-related issues.

The outcome

Acquiring complete line solutions from a single supplier is a logical choice: it simplifies the customer’s journey from purchasing, through installation and commissioning and, most importantly, to the line’s operational lifetime and performance guarantee. By collaborating with Sidel, an expert in beverage recipes and processing, packaging development, engineering, machinery, production and services, Huanlejia gained access to  a full solution partner with a thorough understanding of the entire PET supply chain, from current market trends and changing consumer tastes to the challenges of beverage distribution and local regulations. 

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