This new, user-friendly web interface maximises line uptime by providing fast, easy and reliable online searching for Sidel original spare parts. The interface also gives customers a comprehensive online view of their existing Sidel equipment with access to technical documents and e-catalogues.

Logoplaste: a pioneering approach

Logoplaste, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Portugal, has pioneered in-house manufacturing with its 'Through The Wall' concept. This approach involves supplying plastic packages "just-in-time" from plants installed directly in the sites of its clients, where the products are manufactured. In this way, Logoplaste is fully integrated in the supply chain process.  


For over 40 years, the company has been building its reputation in the packaging business by establishing a close working relationship with its customers' base, in such a way that the two parties effectively become partners. This is made possible by 'Through the Wall' - installing the packaging line directly within the customer's production site and fully integrating it into its production line and supply chain process. In doing so, the company delivers the required output just-in-time according to production demands, as well as making an important contribution to sustainable production, with the environmental implications and costs of transportation kept to an absolute minimum. Aligning its industrial activity to the development in packaging design and engineering under the umbrella of Logoplaste Innovation Lab, the company's mission is to be the "natural choice in the supply of rigid plastic packaging solutions"[1] for new and existing customers.


As a result, the absolute optimisation of productivity, performance and uptime is a vital factor in Logoplaste's solutions offering.


A long-term partnership with Sidel

Currently, the majority of the Logoplaste's stretch blow moulding installed base comprises Sidel blowers, as a proof of a winning business relationship between the two companies begun in 1989. Before the implementation of the Sidel Services Online web interface, the Logoplaste site or plant manager, maintenance manager and internal procurement personnel or buyers would manage their spare parts following several steps: ask Sidel for the appropriate manuals, search for the correct identification codes of spare parts, check if existing parts had been superseded by new components etc.


"Today all fifteen Logoplaste plants in Europe are already connected to Sidel Services Online, with each plant having an average of 2 or 3 users," explains Diogo Cortez, Industrial Buyer at Logoplaste. "Our decision to adopt Sidel Services Online is part of the company's strategy to embrace the digital revolution and the way it continues to change business in depth. Given the amount of references for spare parts we are handling in each region around the world - approximately 27,000 - the tool increases the potential of our plants so that they operate in a much more efficient way."


"After a test-phase conducted at our plants in Portugal and the UK, we have found Sidel Services Online to be a faster and easier way to handle our spare parts needs," adds Cortez. "Our personnel can now quickly consult online catalogues, where available information is standardised, through easy identification and selection of the right parts from both drawings and parts lists. Streamlining the whole procedure and optimising resources, our spare parts handling, as a result, is simpler, faster and more efficient," he continues.


Available in six languages, Sidel Services Online provides Sidel customers with a full overview of their installed equipment with real-time information on parts availability and price. With all relevant technical documentation and detailed e-catalogues easily accessible through intuitive navigation for spare parts search and identification, it offers one-stop shopping for ordering and requesting offers of original Sidel spare parts. With the possibility of accessing their installed base independently, proving particularly popular with users is the capacity to locate parts and view their function online. "The Sidel Services Online interface is very user-friendly. Nevertheless, online training was supplied by Sidel to explain to Logoplaste users how to get the most out of the system," comments Cortez. "Then dedicated sessions between the two companies helped to further expand on the complete functionality of the system. We are benefiting from this innovative approach and - considering this spectacular tool - we look forward to exciting developments in the coming months" he added.


Pavel Shevchuk, Sidel's Executive Vice President of Services, explains: "While giving a personalised online overview of customers' equipment and details of spare parts through Sidel Services Online, Sidel Parts Administrators continue providing expert support and technical assistance worldwide. The web interface also features functionalities such as maintenance and safety lists relevant to customers' own particular equipment to ensure maximum uptime and reduce unplanned downtime." He concludes, "As an organisation, Sidel has a lot of belief and ambition within digitalisation of services and Sidel Services Online is already set to evolve and grow further over the coming months - to answer, and even exceed, our customers' needs. We firmly believe that e-services will help us to continue to support our customers in ensuring great performance and productivity across the whole lifetime of their line."


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