Gebo Cermex response to WannaCry ransomware attack

The attack is commonly referred to as 'WannaCry'. Microsoft's customer guidance on this topic, including software patches, can be found here.
Some Sidel Group equipment uses Microsoft Windows software. Therefore, in addition to the official guidance from Microsoft, the Sidel Group can provide the following notes:

  • Please read the official guidance from Microsoft and follow such guidelines should you determine necessary.
  • The security of any Windows operating system is foremost dependent on its network security and infrastructure environment. The same is true for a Windows operating system used on your packaging line. Any questions relating to your network security, network infrastructure and Windows security should be directed to your appropriate internal or external information technology partner.
  • If you have not taken the necessary security prevention measures, you may want to consider running your beverage production equipment in local mode only, with no internet or network connection enabled.
  • To further secure a Windows operating system on your packaging line you could consider installing the patches provided by Microsoft. In some cases this may also necessitate an upgrade of the Windows operating system software. For older machines this could potentially also require a hardware upgrade of some kind. (The patches from Microsoft cannot be installed on all versions of Windows, only on more modern versions.)
  • Please always consult with an appropriate and qualified information technology expert before installing a software patch, to ensure that the patch application does not interfere with any other critical software functionality needed for the successful operation of the machine. An unsuccessful patch installation could affect the smooth running of the equipment.
  • Should you determine it necessary to install a patch, we suggest testing the patch before installation.

If you require further support on this topic please first refer to your local information technology partner or Microsoft partner. Your local Sidel Group representative can also provide support if required.

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