Coca-Cola Bottling 2017

The challenge

The Coca-Cola Company has invested more than $1.2 billion in Indonesia, a dynamic and fast-growing market. Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) manufactures and distributes non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages like carbonated soft drinks, teas and juice in PET bottles, as well as tea in plastic cups – the ultimate on-the-go format. The original line featured manual palletising at its end-of-line, causing a lot of congestion, safety and labour-management issues, and requiring  a large team of casual workers to carry it out. The company began searching for an automatic palletising solution to enable a continuous production line with more efficient use of labour.

The solution

Working closely with the team at the customer’s site at Cikedokan, Sidel engineers designed a new automatic palletising solution, tailored to the company’s needs. It incorporated layer-by-layer palletisers, pallet conveyors and a stretch wrapper to cover the loaded pallets. Given the goal of altering the production line to deliver 3,600 cases per hour, the most economical and operationally efficient end-of-line solution was a system of three small palletisers, one from each packing area, connected with an unmanned shuttle-car system.

The outcome

The three palletisers supplied by Sidel were U-shaped with empty pallet infeeds and full-pallet outfeeds on the same side of the machine. The shuttle-car system continuously takes the loaded pallets to a pallet conveyor where the pallets are stretch-wrapped before being taken to waiting forklift trucks, reducing forklift truck traffic and increasing site safety. Together with optimised efficiency and higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), this solution allows for a much better management of the labour force. The team at the Cikedokan plant now has a more organised and efficient production line, which can run continuously and uses space in a smarter way.

"Sidel provided us with a good solution, good layout design and good quality of equipment. After the sale, being supported with spare parts which are quickly available, and after-sales technical advice for maintenance and problem solving on the equipment, is also very important. Overall, we are happy working with Sidel because of the support and good project management from them."

Grant McClean

Technical Manager for Capital Projects

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