Niagara Bottling LLC 2017

The challenge

With more than 50 years of business experience, Niagara Bottling understands how to succeed in the water market by offering a high-value product with the right taste profile that is safe and clean to drink. Based on the positive trajectory shown by the PET bottled water segment in the US, the company’s goal was to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while removing any component and process which does not bring added value.

The solution

With 15 complete PET lines from Sidel functioning at its production sites, Niagara Bottling LCC decided to install a Sidel high-speed PET line that could deliver both performance and cost-efficiency. The two Super Combis enabled this ambitious bottler to increase its efficiency through the use of high-speed manufacturing and data management to guide information assessment and decision-making, from operator to management level. Niagara’s US customers can continue to enjoy the best value and highest quality bottled water on the shelves.

The outcome

“The Super Combi concept is enhancing our performance in a smart way. With the Super Combi, we can have a blower, labeller and filler in one compact machine. This reduces inefficiencies, meaning we have fewer machines to maintain and a smaller working space to be controlled by less skilled operators. In this way, we can clearly drive down costs,” says Bill Hall, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at Niagara Bottling LLC.

"“Sidel puts us in the most competitive position to produce a bottle and fill it with water. We believe that Sidel is one of the top players in the marketplace.”"

Bill Hall

Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at Niagara Bottling LLC

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