The next generation of WB46 Wrap-Around packing technology unveiled

The new incarnation of our classic wb wrap-around case packer has raised the bar further, as it offers an even better fit with the key market demands of flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics: new automation platform, belt drives for blank magazine and case transfer modules, servodrives and quick-release systems for faster, simpler format changeovers.


A Machine To Match Today’s Hugely Complex Demands

There was certainly a need for a response to the complex, increasingly diverse demands of today’s packaging industry. The same production facilities need to adapt to the wide-ranging requirements of supermarkets, discount stores, online retailers and more. Producers demand ever more ergonomic systems – systems that are easy-to-use and free of retention zones but capable of handling a huge array of packaging sizes and formats.

Our Packing Business Unit is confident that it has the answer: a new version of the classic WB wrap-around case packing unit, now with vastly improved flexibility, ergonomics and hygienic performance. The WB46 packer is an all-purpose wrap-around unit used in a broad range of industries, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals via home and personal care. This new version adds a raft of innovative technical features, while retaining the functionality and robustness which have made the WB45 an essential feature of end-of-line systems the world over: 

  • sequential technology
  • ability to handle a vast range of secondary packaging items (complete Wrap Around blanks, trays, shelf-ready packaging)
  • more flexible, more ergonomic and more hygienic
  • increased capacity
  • full conformity with OMAC and Pack ML standards.

Enhanced Ergonomics And Flexibility For Simpler Format Changeovers

Flexibility is everything. The sheer variety and diversity of packaging formats on the market can sometimes seem overwhelming, and in such circumstances the versatile WB46 is a crucial asset for any hardworking end-of-line set up. The new WB46 can turn out everything that the Evolution 1 could, but the retooled system includes a host of new features, including a simplified mechanical design making for quick, easy changeovers between packaging formats. An ultra-fast adjustment system is also available in both manual and fully-automated configurations. Just two of the design improvements which account for the greatly-enhanced performance capacities of the WB46.

Ultra-smooth operation allied with even greater precision

The machine has indeed undergone a thorough makeover, resulting in a more efficient, ergonomic design offering enhanced visibility and modular adaptability. These modifications have been made with the safety and convenience of the operator in mind, ensuring that the WB45 is ultra-smooth to operate: 

  • For maximum ease-of-use, the blank magazine height has been lowered to 850mm from the ground and remains fixed at that height regardless of the secondary packaging format
  • The extraction arm automatically adjusts to the programmed packaging dimensions.
  • Improvements to the case handling part which forms the heart of the WB46: the old mechanical system has been simplified thanks to a new automation platform with electronic synchronization.
  • The combination of servo-drives, electronic cams and compact embedded variator systems has simplified the machine’s wiring, reduced the size of the electrical cabinet and allowed the removal of most of the adjustment chains and their associated mechanical counters.

This new philosophy also offers greater precision and reduced noise levels. The result is a thoroughly ergonomic operating experience: the new electronics make day-to-day operation easier and simplify the changeover process, while the clutch system of the gluing station makes the case easy to remove in the event of an incident.

Fewer Maintenance Operations And Even Better Hygiene

Hygiene is a top priority for all end-of-line systems, and the sleek, optimised design of the WB46 represents a major step forward in this respect. The new, more hygienic, lower maintenance thermoplastic polyurethane timing belts (FDA approved) are designed for blank magazines and the case handling part (belts with stainless steel brackets), greatly cutting down on potential retention zones where dust and fluids can gather while eliminating the need for the usual regular chain adjustments and maintenance.

An eye-catching innovation

Didier Saussereau, Cermex’s Packing Product Manager, explains: “The new WB46 is a fantastic example of what we do best, delivering innovation and quality to optimise our clients’ end-of-line operations. This is a thoroughly modern packing system: not only is it more versatile, more ergonomic and more hygienic, it also features a brand new design with new guarding doors. Dirt retention zones have disappeared and we now have much better visibility of the inside of the machine, while the greater door thickness offers better stability. Lastly, it’s a more aesthetically-pleasing, up-to-date machine that’s brilliantly simple to operate. It’s that combination of intuitive design and technical quality which defines our products.”

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