Sokpol 2018

The challenge

The family company Sokpol is one of the top Polish co-packers, producing sensitive beverages like nectars, fruit juices, vegetable juices and teas in carton, glass, and PET containers. While becoming the number one player in Poland in the private label sector – based on its production capacity and quality – Sokpol has started to develop its own brand and new product recipes, benefitting from its own concentrate production factory. “We wanted to delete preservatives from the beverages, while taking full advantages of the PET bottle marketing assets and design freedom: something the carton package could not offer. We also needed full production flexibility to handle all types of beverages and bottle formats,” explained Roman Sobczyk, President of Sokpol. 

The solution

The Polish co-packer decided to rely exclusively upon Sidel for the full delivery scope of three aseptic complete PET lines. With the Aseptic Combi Predis™, they can safely and simply produce any extended shelf life beverage without preservatives, offering great advantages from a health and marketing point of view. Sokpol also awarded Sidel the bottle developments, from the bottle design to the beverage and package evaluation, and from the blowing process tests to detailed technical feasibility reports. 

The outcome

With Sidel’s lines, Sokpol was able to serve this growing market thanks to the huge production capacity offered by the three aseptic PET lines provided by Sidel during the past ten years. Two lines are running at 15,000 bottles per hour each, whereas the third line is running faster, producing over 30,000 bottles per hour. Based on this positive experience, Sokpol has already proposed new ideas about how to cooperate with Sidel for advanced technical training in order to achieve better performance and efficiency on their Sidel aseptic PET bottling lines.

"“The Sidel after-sales department made a huge step forward in providing very reactive and qualitative services. Their technicians are now very quick in solving the questions or issues we are raising. Our collaboration with Sidel is a good insurance for the future; this is a crucial point.”"

Jerzy Urbanski

CEO at Sokpol

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