British sugar

The challenge

British Sugar, the leading producer of sugar for the British and Irish food and beverage markets, produces 1.2 million tonnes of sugar per year. With increasing consumer demands and escalating sugar sales, the company required an efficient, high-level complete production line to deliver a world-class product. Needing to replace its outdated systems, British Sugar approached Sidel for support to install a brand-new complete end-of-line option with a high level of multiple SKU complexity management and automation in order to meet demands and retailer expectations.

The solution

Requiring a reliable partner, Sidel supported British Sugar in delivering a compact, full turnkey line from a sugar bagging outlet through to delivery at warehousing. Reliability and output speed were central to the final result. Sidel also integrated flexible case packing and palletising technology that had the capability to handle multiple pallet and format types, which were integral for accommodating single sugar bags to new shelf-ready secondary packaging. 

The outcome

Sidel and British Sugar shared a collaborative approach to find the most compact, flexible and efficient equipment design while ensuring high standards across the value chain. The first-time partnership resulted in the installation of a breakthrough end-of-line technologies, which will support efficient future production management. Two further phases are to be completed at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.  

"Sidel’s collaborative approach from the beginning was excellent, they have been agile and transparent where we have had to work together to find solutions, their shared vision of a packaging line with our engineering team, strengthened the trust we had in their capacity for delivering a turnkey solution and led us to decide to partner with them for this project."

James Warby

Project Integration Manager at British Sugar

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