Birra Peroni 2019

The challenge

In 1846, Francesco Peroni established his first brewery in Vigevano, near Milan. Since then, the brand has welcomed growing demand, embodying Italian values of quality and craftsmanship throughout its history. With production sites in Rome, Padova and Bari, the company has been part of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd since 2016. Facing the need to expand its capacity, the beer producer used this as an opportunity for rationalising the handling of returnable glass bottles (RGB) for the Peroni brand. This meant enlarging the RGB production at its Bari plant. Given the various formats produced there (20 cl, 33 cl, 50 cl, 66 cl and 75 cl) as both RGB and one-way bottles (OW), versatility and reduced resource consumption were absolutely vital. The Italian brewery opted for a new glass bottling line able to combine the two processes.

The solution

Peroni was especially interested in gaining benefits from two of Sidel’s latest innovations. One was EvoFILL Glass with its cutting-edge filling technology and hygienic, no-base design. Its level probe electronic filling valves ensure a very high accuracy while managing a wide range of filling set points without any adjustment or replacement of parts. The other that intrigued the brewer was the new EvoDECO Cold Glue labeller. Peroni also installed SWING®, a proven pasteurisation system that cuts energy consumption by 25%. The overall performance of the bottling line is also realised via EvoFlex®, Sidel’s high-speed single column de-palletiser for returnable bottles in crates. Sidel’s EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool) was also installed. EIT is a strategic asset that helps any layer of the organisation, from the CEO to the line operators, to be aware of the status of the line and events occurring in real time, thus improving production efficiency. 

The outcome

The turnkey glass line in Bari is running at 50,000 bottles per hour and has been designed according to an arena layout, offering full ergonomics and enabling it to be managed by only four operators.

"“By choosing Sidel as our partner we realised productivity gains and massive flexibility improvements. No less important, we can now scale our production set-up according to the market needs. The project execution was absolutely smooth thanks to the continuous support offered by its team and their expertise in turnkey solutions for the beer industry.”"

Antonio Martalò

Packaging Manager at Birra Peroni

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