Original Spare Parts just one click away with ‘Sidel Services Online’



The new user-friendly web interface, available in six languages, provides customers with a personalised overview of their installed base and real time information on parts pricing and availability. It offers one-stop shopping for ordering Sidel original spare parts, together with faster delivery times on offers and orders. The immediate access and 24/7 global assistance it provides can prove critical to line maintenance and continuous performance. Initially available for registered customers in Europe and Central Asia, the service will gradually expand its offer and availability worldwide.


"The proactive and intelligent management of spare parts makes it possible for customers to significantly reduce costs arising from unexpected stoppages and unplanned downtime. Beverage producers can now make this process even easier with 'Sidel Services Online'," comments Sidel Spare Parts Director, Martin Lowinski. 


The web interface provides customers with a full overview of their installed Sidel equipment, including all relevant technical documentation and detailed e-catalogues, for intuitive navigation, spare parts search and identification. Information about the availability and price of spare parts is accessible online to maximise uptime. Long-term maintenance plans and safety lists will secure critical parts to ensure continuous line productivity. In addition, Sidel's Parts Administrators are always available to provide support anywhere in the world when customers wish to speak with a qualified company expert. 


As an original equipment manufacturer, Sidel naturally knows and understands its customers' requirements. They look for maximum reliability and durability of their installed lines, improved operator safety, higher long-term production security and increased food-grade safety compliance. This is why the same teams of engineers who design Sidel machinery and equipment, design, test and certify the company's original spare parts. 


Pavel Shevchuk, Sidel's Executive Vice President of Services, adds: "With Sidel Services Online higher line performance and maximum uptime are just one click away. With fast online ordering of Sidel original spare parts and an intuitive overview of every spare part, it gives easy access to relevant drawings, manuals, and parts lists. This essentially enables our customers to further improve efficiency and, choosing from a variety of delivery options, to optimise their preventive maintenance plans."  


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