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"As a result of the ever-changing market, beverage producers are generally now taking a more holistic approach to the installation of new bottling lines," explains Mr. Clive Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sidel.  "Here at Sidel, we genuinely believe it is the key to maintaining optimum performance and attaining the most cost-effective operational life over the longer term."

Much more than a simple choice of equipment

Sidel believes that finding the optimum solution for any bottling line goes beyond any simple choice of equipment.  Whether producers are bottling water at high speed or packaging dairy products with high sensitivity, it is always best that they consider the specific production needs of any line from the very beginning. 

By partnering with Sidel from the start and collaborating at every step of the installation, beverage producers can boost speed and hygiene with Sidel water lines, ensure flexibility and quick changeovers with Sidel carbonated soft drinks lines and increase their packaging freedom with Sidel hot fill lines.  With the company's aseptic wet lines, producers can improve bottle lightweighting at the same time as reducing the consumption of resources.  With its dry, low-speed aseptic lines, they can reduce their footprint and ensure a faster ramp-up and, with the high-speed version of the same line, can maximise productivity and flexibility.


The best packaging development

Complete lines 3Working with Sidel, beverage producers gain access to a thorough understanding of the entire supply chain, from current market trends and changing consumer tastes to the challenges of beverage distribution and local regulations all around the world.  Sidel's dedicated in-house packaging laboratories and technical know-how can help industrialise a bottle that is lightweight, flexible and durable.

The liquid package interaction analysis determines the most suitable packaging for the customer.  This includes analysing the bottle neck and cap where significant performance improvements, as well as cost savings, can be realised through factors such as lightweighting and the tightness of the cap.  Sidel's virtual bottle modelling and finite element analysis can assess its stability, rigidity and quality.  Full feasibility performance tests can then validate its strength and ensure it performs in the real world.


Equipment for optimised uptime

Sidel can help any producer choose the right equipment for the specific needs of any beverage.  Every step of the way, Sidel's knowledge of all the processes involved in the PET bottling process, from blowing through to palletising, and its reliable and high-quality, modular equipment, ensure that lines can be flexibly adapted to get the most out of the producer's investment.  Sidel machines offer flexibility, quick and automatic changeovers with fast module replacement and upgrades.  Along with long-term and reliable uptime and short cleaning times, this all helps producers achieve optimum productivity.  Sidel machinery is also designed to maximise sustainability by reducing overall running costs and use of resources.  While ensuring high bottle quality, Sidel blowers save both air and energy.  Fillers avoid spillage and waste, carry out automatic bottle/beverage changeovers and minimise the use of electricity and cleaning agents.  Sidel labellers cut the amount of energy and materials consumed and the time needed for maintenance.  Packers save on energy and materials - and automatically carry out the changeover of both material and pack configuration.  Sidel palletisers make transportation more effective, and production more efficient.


Optimal line design

Complete lines 2Sidel works with line designs at any stage of development, preferring to work closely with customers from the very start.  Whether it is a new greenfield project, the renovation of an existing facility or the modernisation of an ageing line, Sidel is able to create layouts of complete PET bottling lines to suit any context or environment.

The company's dedicated project management and engineering teams assist in the design of the line, optimising the footprint while minimising the use of raw materials, energy and other resources.  The selection of the most appropriate technologies, the choice of the most suitable size of chosen equipment and accumulations, the defining of line controls and automation, the actual footprint of the line, the management of raw materials and other resources - these are all essential engineering decisions that Sidel consider to ensure the line fully meets all the requirements of any producer.


From delivery to ramp-up in record time

To ensure the new line is delivered, installed and undergoes a quick ramp-up for safe, full, commercial production, Sidel thoroughly plans and manages the entire process.  The company's project and site management teams communicate with sub-suppliers, following up all communication and queries, speedily and efficiently - keeping a close watch on all deadlines to ensure smooth delivery.  During manufacturing and for these fast installations and ramp-ups, Sidel takes a 'lean approach', delivering high-quality, reliable equipment.  Extensive tests are performed in-house on pre-assembled equipment to reduce installation time and to ensure full commercial production is achieved quickly and safely. 


Sidel's structured smart data

Once a line is up and running, Sidel's real-time data solutions keep productivity at its best. Constant monitoring provides data-driven assessments for full, real-time traceability and detailed insights.  Managers can view comparisons and process information for a complete efficiency overview.  Operators can access the performance details to monitor line flow and maintain stability by spotting bottlenecks, highlighting inefficiencies and identifying areas for improvement and cost optimisation.  Efficiency targets are therefore maintained, costs are kept under control and the potential to improve performance is increased.


Maintaining and improving productivity, efficiency and performance

When Sidel has designed, built and installed a PET bottling production line, the Sidel Services™ team is then able to offer producers a dedicated, tailored portfolio that can increase the value of beverage production for long-term success.

A team of experts will monitor performance, offering 24/7 support and on-site diagnostic visits, pre-planning downtime and providing fast corrective maintenance should a breakdown occur.  Line conversions, along with new original moulds from Sidel, can deliver greater uptime, reduced costs and increased production flexibility as consumer demands change.  The company is currently offering over 500 options and upgrades to enable any line to benefit from new technologies as they become available to boost its performance.  Sidel's expert training in new methodologies and procedures can also help improve production and can take place on-site, online or at any Sidel Training Centre.

"To bring your beverage idea from concept to industrial reality, the best solution goes beyond the equipment and starts at the very beginning," concludes Sidel's Clive Smith, "with technical know-how and packaging expertise that comes from a full solution partner such as Sidel."




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