AGILITY 4.0™: The vehicle to help producers achieve all the benefits of Industry 4.0

At Brau Beviale 2016, Gebo Cermex unveiled the Agility 4.0™ programme. By increasing the productivity of beverage manufacturing plants, making them more connected, flexible and responsive – in a word, agile – this Advanced Production Systems programme plays a major role in making the factory of tomorrow a reality today.


The beverage market is changing fast. With distribution looking for more customised delivery methods and increased responsiveness, and with people showing different consumer behaviours that influence their purchasing decisions, the packaging industry needs to find new ways to improve line operations in terms of speed, efficiency, flexibility and versatility.


As we move towards the era of Industry 4.0, the smart factory has become an important and much-discussed topic in manufacturing, highlighted by the trend for an increasing use of automation, cyber-physical equipment and computerised systems for the acquisition and processing of data.


At Brau Beviale, Gebo Cermex demonstrated its contribution to the factory of tomorrow, addressing in particular the requirements of the beer, wine and spirits market – one in which the company has more than 50 years of experience. The company showed its leadership by offering customers increased performance via four steps in its asset management model based on design, build, maintain, and improve.


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