Introducing our brand new beer bottle conveyor

Visitors to last September’s Drinktec trade show were treated to a preview of Gebo’s latest innovation: building on our historic conveying expertise with the addition of some eye-catching new features, the company’s new beer bottle conveyor system is set to hit the market in March 2014.


K110: a robust universal guiding system 

The new beer bottle conveyor builds on the company’s acknowledged expertise in the field, offering a robustness which far outstrips that required for the PET business, as well as two innovative features which set a new standard for conveying expertise.


This new bottle guidance mechanism represents a major improvement on the existing technology, offering superior robustness, flexibility and hygiene.


The guide rail’s low contact point allows for maximum bottle stability, with the ability to handle all major bottle formats. Crucially, this profile height of 110mm avoids any potential damage to the labels.


Bottles, cans and PET

The new conveyor also offers greater flexibility than ever before: not only can the K110 system handle all glass bottle formats, it can also be easily and rapidly adjusted to convey cans and PET containers.


The Gebo bottle conveyor is calibrated for smooth, continuous and symmetrical bottle handling. Its simple, flexible geometrical design allows for easy bending on-site, allowing beer manufacturers to tailor the installation to the layout constraints of their production facilities.


The component materials have also been selected for their superior technical performance, with enhanced use of PEHD 1000 M-Slide plastic for optimal thermal and mechanical stability, while the conveyor has been designed with immaculate hygiene in mind: no visible threads on the guide supports and potential fluid retention zones kept to a strict minimum.


Flawless hygiene and smart legs

This commitment to flawless hygiene is also reflected in the Gebo beer bottle conveyor’s intelligent new leg design, with minimised retention zones and channels ensuring that lubrication water is rapidly and efficiently drained away.


This new leg setup also offers an unprecedented level of stability: super-sturdy cross-triangulation and optimized weight distribution allowing for smooth, symmetrical conveying in even the most challenging conditions.


Product manager Vincent Piron is looking forward to introducing brewers to the next generation of Gebo conveyors:


“This system represents a major step forward in our beer bottle conveying capabilities, a sector that is still at the very heart of our company’s identity. At the same time, the superb flexibility and durability of this unit shows the extent of Gebo’s expertise: brewers will now have can, glass and plastic solutions across all categories, capable of delivering excellent results in any conditions.”


An essential tool for the beer industry 

With this conveyor, brewers will once again enjoy the high standard of quality and solidity they require and for which Gebo was historically renowned, in an industry where the robustness constraints are higher than in the PET business. Easy to set up, hygienic and extremely flexible – the new Gebo bottle conveyor looks set to become an indispensable tool for busy breweries worldwide.


Vital statistics

  • 110mm profile height: universal guiding system fits all commercial bottle formats, with a low contact point that leaves labels in pristine condition
  • 304 grade stainless steel and PEHD 1000 M-Slide plastic for optimal cleanliness
  • Minimal capacity for fluid retention = superior hygiene
  • Capable of handling glass, cans and PET bottles
  • Exceptional stability and maximum flexibility courtesy of the innovative new leg structure.


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