Innovation plays a key role in 2 recent orders

The key to this line, dedicated to empty high quality glass bottles was a robotic depalletizer equipped with a gripper that uses inflatable tubes between bottle necks to avoid damage from contact with other bottles.
The depalletizer gently extracts the bottles packaged in thermoformed interlayers. Another robot is used to remove and then store top trays and interlayers in two different magazines. The robotic depalletizer (speed of 177 layers/h), includes also grippers for big bottles with motorized pitch adjustment.
This production site of the company is in charge of aerosol. The 350 can per minute aluminum deodorant line uses a robotic depalletizer equipped with vacuum grippers. The empty cans are packaged in very fragile bundles of 74 cans with 2 plastic straps. The pallets are composed with 6 layers of 6 bundles.
The depalletizer must pick up the bundles one by one directly from the pallet and put them on a conveyor. The two straps are removed and thrown in a bin before the cans are sent to the line.
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