Sidel brings 50% efficiency increase for the biggest beverage plant in Asia Pacific

A complete end-of-line solution for Coca-Cola Bottling in Indonesia has increased line efficiency by 50%.

Search for an automatic solution

The original line at Coca-Cola Bottling in Indonesia’s Cikedokan plant, which featured manual palletising at its end-of-line, was causing lots of congestion, safety and labour-management issues, with a very large team of casual workers needed to carry it out. So, they started to search for an automatic end-of-line solution enabling a continuous production line with a more efficient use of labour. 

A tailor-made, comprehensive solution 

Working closely with the team at the customer’s site, Sidel engineers designed a new automatic palletising solution tailored to the Cikedokan needs which comprises three layer-by-layer palletisers, pallet conveyors, a shuttle-car system continuously taking loaded pallets to the stretch wrapper and bringing back empty pallets to the palletisers, and a stretch wrapper to cover the loaded pallets. The new end-of-line solution is much more economical and operationally efficient, and site safety has been significantly improved as forklift truck traffic has been reduced. The team at Cikedokan plant now has a more organised and efficient production line, which can run continuously and uses space in a smarter way. 


  • Installation of complete end-of-line
  • 50% increase in efficiency and higher OEE
  • New automatic end-of-line solution for line delivering 3,600 cases per hour
  • Spare parts and after-sales support 

Exceeding standards 

Grant McClean, Technical Manager for Capital Projects at the plant states “Within a few weeks of the installation, we conducted a test where the machinery exceeded the standards for acceptance that we had set at the start of the project by a large margin. In the operation that we have had since then, we’ve seen absolutely no decline in the efficiency of the equipment from the day of that test.” 



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