Two leading companies, Sidel and Elettric80, have started a strategic alliance to provide comprehensive services ranging from production to warehouse, distribution centre and logistics management for beverage and food, home and personal care (FHPC) producers. Both companies will act as a one-stop source, allowing producers to become more flexible, safe and sustainable with Smart Factory tailored solutions.

Today, beverage and FHPC producers are influenced by different factors that are challenging their performance. Among others, due to the growing e-commerce markets, the need for automated warehouses and logistics management becomes especially important. Sidel and Elettric80 have paired up their know-how in state-of-the-art packaging and highly automated and integrated intralogistics solutions to help producers stay competitive and meet the demands of the market worldwide. 

Monica Gimre, CEO at Sidel Group: “For Sidel, it is a principle to always listen to our customers. A strategic alliance with Elettric80 is our approach towards achieving our goal of providing A to Z services to our customers, including intralogistics solutions. We are happy to be in a partnership with a company that shares the same values as we do, and I believe that the synergy and great teamwork between us will bring added value not just to our customers, but also to ourselves by opening space for learning and innovation together.” 

Enrico Grassi, President at Elettric80: “Packaging lines with highly automated and integrated intralogistics areas at the end of the line will be the future of any production site. Along with Sidel, we are taking the next step in expanding our business opportunities by increasing our customers’ operational efficiency and sustainability. We are ready to complement this alliance with strong expertise in logistics processes.”


About Elettric80: 

Elettric80 specializes in integrated, automatic intralogistics solutions for high-volume manufacturers and distribution centers, mainly in the food, beverage and tissue sectors. Thanks to innovative technologies and thorough analyses of logistic processes, in the 90s, Elettric80 was already working on the concept of Industry 4.0: smart, sustainable and safe factories. The tailor-made hardware and software solutions enable optimizing supply chain activities, guaranteeing system integration, and significantly improving factory efficiency and product traceability. With 300 integrated factories in different parts of the world, Elettric80 installed over 2,000 robotic systems, 5,000 automatic laser-guided vehicles and 35 automated high-density warehouses. Intending to be closer to the customers, 13 branches in different countries have been set up, and a 24/7 digital assistance service helps customers to maintain maximum efficiency over time.

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