Shelf-ready packaging: Gebo Cermex is first in line to enhance the packaging/mechanisation mix

“Shelf-ready packaging” solutions have been behind some of the most dynamic expectations and innovations of the packaging sector, simplifying logistics and improving the promotion of products. Thanks to its combined packaging and mechanisation expertise, Gebo Cermex has tackled its customers’ needs in a global way, from advice in the search for the most suitable packaging for the product and supply chain to the mechanisation and engineering of packaging lines. Our solid experience of all types of packaging guarantees our ability to develop a global solution without preconceived notions, based on a wide range of machines and robotics to push back the boundaries.


Gebo Cermex immediately made “shelf-ready” packaging a priority


Added value with new functionalities

Shelf-ready packaging combines the protection of products during transport and their display on the supermarket shelves. On the basis of a single piece (with pre-cut perforations) or two elements (base + hood), shelf-ready packaging can be opened without tools, and can be flattened for recycling when all the products have been sold.


Global expansion for all activity sectors

Shelf-ready packaging started in the UK. Driven by the major retailers such as Tesco, Carrefour, Aldi and Wal-Mart, it then developed rapidly in France before becoming a hit in the rest of Europe. For a few years now, the US has also been opening up their shelves to this new logistics and sales tool. Originally intended for food packaging, shelf-ready is also used in personal hygiene and household products.


The 5 merits of shelf-ready packaging

  • Easy to identify, on the shelf and in storage
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to handle, put on shelves and then flatten once empty
  • Easy to eliminate, recycle, recover or reuse
  • Easy for the consumer to notice or buy

Specific developments

Initially designed for conventional package, shelf-ready solutions are increasingly integrated into complete technical-economic studies. New investments and product line renewals are an opportunity to adopt the 360° approach, where all the aspects of packaging are optimised, from the choice of packaging to mechanisation.


The technical challenge of “just enough”

The challenge of shelf-ready packaging is to reconcile total protection of products during transport and handling with quick and easy shelf preparation, whilst spotlighting the brand. But the challenge does not stop there, since the objective is also to reduce cardboard surface areas used to meet cost and sustainable development requirements. Cost optimisation of packaging is possible with shelf-ready, because often, only the part that remains on the shelf is printed, whilst the upper part, only used to protect during transport, is not.


Gebo Cermex first of all tackled the problem of shelf-ready solutions by taking these 3 dimensions on board. As Hervé Bour, Key market Director for food summarises: “Because we don’t want to oppose productivity, economics and ecology, the solutions that we have put forward combine many benefits to bring some real surprises.”


Multi-segment and multi-packaging experience to cover all the bases


4 reasons why Gebo Cermex is at the heart of “Shelf-ready” solution projects:

  • Presence in all the areas concerned: food, personal care and household products
  • Presence on all continents, with attentive monitoring of their respective consumption trends
  • Continuous relations with all actors in the segment: cardboard manufacturers, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) producers and distributors
  • A portfolio of mechanisation solutions, including all types of secondary packaging

Broad expertise in the diversity of “shelf-ready” packaging, from the simplest to the most complex:

  • American case with pre-cut perforations
  • ½ American case + hood
  • Patricia case: 2 half American cases glued together
  • Wrap around with short flaps and/or pre-cut perforations
  • Trays with upper ledges
  • Trays (high, low, with asymmetric sides) + hood (U-shaped, cross-shaped, interior or exterior, glued or not glued)

You can find the most suitable packaging solutions for your project according to your activity sector and your primary and secondary packaging, thanks to the packaging search engine that Gebo Cermex has created for you:


A neutral and “just enough” approach to meet your packaging / machine requirements


The ability to mechanise all types of secondary packaging

Cardboard, film or cardboard / film mix: the range of Gebo Cermex over-wrapping (packing or shrink-wrapping) is compatible with all types of secondary packaging. We are able to mechanise everything, with single function solutions (tray erector and lid fitters ) or multifunction solutions (Combined tray packers/lid fitter). The modular design of our machines means quick and easy development, for example, by adding a lidding module on a wrap-around packer, we can switch from complete wrap-around blanks to a 2-piece shelf ready solution.


Robotics pushing back the boundaries

  • A complete range of robotic solutions to meet all packing and gripping needs (including soft products) with optimum respect for products
  • Maximum flexibility, allowing all possible product orientations in packaging
  • High throughput with minimum floor space occupation
  • Easy tooling/format changeovers to meet the needs of short production runs
  • Improved operator ergonomics

For more information on shelf-ready packaging:

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