Introducing VersaBloc®: integration expertise combined with the latest end-of-line innovations



To keep up with the requirements of a modern distribution network, an efficient system for the dry part of the line needs to be able to react quickly to changes in packing rhythms, formats and patterns, with multiple changeovers each and every day.


So how can a busy production facility achieve such extreme flexibility and responsiveness while maintaining profitability? The answer is our revolutionary new concept: VersaBloc®. This comprehensive packaging solution includes:

  • pioneering machine technology of the VersaFilm® and EvoFlex® systems
  • our integration/engineering expertise
  • all end-of-line operations offering optimal performance, flexibility and TCO.



Simple, adaptable and innovative

The VersaBloc® concept is at once disarmingly simple and radically innovative: a flexible, modular end-of-line system that offers both shrink-wrapping and palletizing functions.


The modular design means that VersaBloc® is adaptable to all warehouse and packaging line configurations, allowing for optimal use of the available space. This combination of adaptability and exceptional performance is what defines VersaBloc®.


A time-saving, repeatable process operated from a single point

The system is also designed with future developments in mind, with built-in flexibility allowing it to accommodate subsequent updates. Better still, this extensive packaging flexibility does not come at the expense of operational speed: changeover between different formats can be achieved in just 4 minutes, a time saving of up to 85% over conventional end-of-line systems, in a repeatable, precise process operated from a single point.


The system’s unique user-friendly centralized interface drives this changeover, encompassing wrapper, conveyors and palletizer:

  • Interconnected packer, conveyor and palletizer HMI
  • User-friendly, fully harmonized interfaces between packers and palletizer
  • Proactive HLI interventions for end-of-line supervision (operation and maintenance)
  • Servo-drive technology

Driving down TCO

The advanced specifications which make VersaBloc® so effective also allow for optimized total cost of ownership (TCO):

  • Conveying is minimized, so there is no product accumulation
  • A single operator can control the whole packaging area from a central command booth.
  • The working arena is rational, with quick, easy access to all the equipment and operator panels.

The system’s compact layout offers several other advantages:

  • Fewer and shorter conveyors, cutting the floor space required for end-of-line operations by as much as 25%
  • Simplified maintenance and enhanced energy efficiency, thus reducing OPEX .
  • The modular design means that installation time has been cut by over 20%: VersaBloc® can be up and running in next to no time.

VersaBloc®: benchmark-setting innovation

The combination of these innovative systems and the company’s integration expertise is a totally unique proposition: a high-performance, ergonomically-designed end-of-line system incorporating both overwrapping and palletizing functions. It offers superb energy efficiency, as well as slashing TCO costs by as much as 8%. A feat made possible by the marriage of two patented technological breakthroughs and the company’s longstanding expertise.


Find out more about VersaBloc® via its 2 innovative end-of-line components:


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