Cambrew Angkor canned beer, a new high-speed turnkey line in Cambodia

Cambrew is the largest brewery in Cambodia and produces Angkor Beer (the country’s most popular brand, widely acknowledged as Cambodia’s national beer), along with other popular brands such as Klang, Black Panther and Angkor Extra Stout, the first ever Cambodian Beer to receive the prestigious Grand Gold Label at the Monde Selection Quality Awards.


The Cambrew business has steadily expanded over the years, with a bottling and distribution agreement with PepsiCo followed by a strategic partnership with global beer giant Carlsberg in 2006. Thanks to an uncompromising approach to quality, and significant investments at its Sihanoukville plant, Cambrew is the standout leader in a can-dominated beer market which continues to grow at an estimated 20% each year. All of which means that Cambrew’s biggest challenge is getting those cans out fast enough to satisfy thirsty consumers! And that, of course, is where Gebo Cermex comes in.


Gebo Cermex’s experts studied Cambrew’s operations in depth in order to design and deliver a comprehensive line system which incorporates a whole panoply of state-of-the art machinery including:

Our unique expertise allowed us to provide Cambrew with a comprehensive turnkey solution at its Sihanoukville plant, and the results are already impressive. Alongside the plant’s previous can lines – still running on site at 72,000 cans/hour – this new high-speed line turns out 120,000 cans an hour, thereby supporting market growth and offering Cambrew the capability to keep developing for years to come. Cambrew’s Angkor brewery is one of the most modern facilities in South East Asia, and its state-of-the-art brewing equipment is now matched by the very best in canning and packing technology. 


To get an insider’s view of this finely-calibrated system in action, just click the link below to receive your copy of our ‘behind the scenes’ video. Shot in pin-sharp HD, this short film transports you to the heart of Cambodia’s biggest brewery. Get the link to the video now!


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