A new version of the multi-function FlexiCase® top loading case packer presented at Interpack

Launched in 2012 specifically for the home and personal care markets, the range is designed to optimize the threefold requirement of speed, footprint and packaging size range. Cermex is launching a version 2 that is even more compact, including lightweight tooling and a new robotic gripping arm. More compact in all its dimensions, the new FlexiCase® ensures the packaging line is aesthetically-pleasing and uncluttered.


The new version of the FlexiCase® multi-function top loading case packer, equipped with the new Cermex ER20 robotic gripping arm, will be presented as a world premiere at the Interpack show in Düsseldorf.


May 8th to 14th, 2014 - Hall 13, stand C47



Vertical forming, an original feature

The compactness of the end of line is a differentiating factor for the home and personal care markets. The FlexiCase® range relies particularly on vertical forming to reduce threefold the space necessary for this function.


More than one meter shorter

Optimization of the sealing function reduces the length of the machine by 1 100mm.


A new compact robot to reduce overall height

The new compact Cermex ER20 robot barely extends beyond the machine frame when installed on the FlexiCase®. This is a significant advantage where low ceilings are a major constraint.




A challenge to ensure secure gripping and product integrity

The specific nature of plastic bottles for shower gel, shampoo, washing liquids and detergents brings its own challenges to gripping. Depending on their shape, length and resistance, products are handled using grippers, membranes or suction cups.


A substantial weight saving thanks to new alloys

The gripping heads used on the new FlexiCase® are made of carbon and aluminium, in a beehive structure. The heads are 30% lighter on average.


Greater safety

The mechanical design of the dual-axis gripping head safety mechanism makes it more sensitive to any collisions (machine stopped quickly in order to prevent damage to the tooling)


The possibility of using lighter gripping arms

The substantial weight saving on the gripping heads means that lighter, quicker gripping arms can be integrated into the FlexiCase®, consuming less energy.

  • For an equivalent number of products gripped, inertia during loading trajectories is reduced thanks to the lighter combined weight of the head + products, which contributes to equipment longevity (reduction in wear and tear).
  • For an equivalent payload handled by the gripping arm, the reduction in the tooling weight also potentially increases the number of products that can be gripped at a time, as well as increasing the speed.

Four choices of gripping arms

1. A numerical axis gantry (AN), capable of handling payloads of up to 260 kg.


2. A new robot gripping arm, the ER20, manufactured by Cermex, presented as a world premiere at Interpack. With its 2 combined polar and Cartesian axes, this new robot contributes significantly to ensuring FlexiCase® ranks well in terms of speed, payload and layout criteria, as well as rendering the machine more compact.


3. A high-speed, compact gripping arm for light loads, efficient up to 30 cycles per minute.


4. An externally-sourced 6-axis polyarticulated robot, for maximum flexibility.


Basic features designed to optimize speed, layout and packaging size range

  • 17 servomotors for greater ease in setting and adjustments
  • Sequential or continuous product collation
  • Compact vertical forming
  • Multi-case loading to guarantee product integrity without reducing speed
  • Impact-free sealing operation
  • Machine operation and maintenance made easier by modular architecture: complies with OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control) standards
  • Packs available as options:
  • Anticorrosion Pack (when handling caustic products)
  • Automation Pack for format changeovers
  • Green Pack (to reduce power and air consumption)

“The efforts made to lighten tooling have brought two benefits: improved coverage of the various speed/payload scenarios and the possibility of using a more compact gripping arm. If we also consider the shorter configuration of the sealing function, it is clear that we are offering a more economic FlexiCase® unit in terms of space, energy consumption and maintenance”.


Jean-Philippe Beduneau – Market Director for Home and Personal Care


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