A drying system with a proven efficiency of over 99%? Introducing our latest innovation, OptiDry®

Who better to deliver high-end drying solutions than Gebo Cermex? The new OptiDry® unit combines the latest in drying technology with our long-proven expertise in precision handling, optimizing product flows for unprecedented reliability, flexibility and efficiency.


Unbeatable efficiency and full compatibility

The presence of condensation on the outer surface of bottles and other containers can wreak havoc on the quality of a packaging line: poorly applied labels, illegible or incomplete coding, impaired vision inspection, and in some cases the integrity of the product may be compromised.


So our latest product, a cutting-edge drying solution offering unbeatable efficiency and full compatibility with our benchmark-setting handling line systems, is a very welcome innovation.


Glass and plastic containers… For all kinds of products

OptiDry® builds on Gebo Cermex’s decades of experience in the beverage sector, with a system which can handle glass, plastic and metal containers in all shapes and sizes. It also offers superior drying efficiency, with independently adjustable nozzle positioning to target the air flows at the container’s neck, body or both, with the utmost precision.


This adaptability makes OptiDry® ideally suited to a remarkably wide range of applications: beverages, dairy products, food, household and personal care products. Further development is already on the cards, as our in-house engineers work on extending the OptiDry® range to encompass high-speed can and glass packaging lines.


Precision drying

OptiDry® uses nozzles not air knives, ensuring the stability of the containers and helping to maintain a constant air velocity. OptiDry® also offers superior adaptability: the height, spacing and angle of the support plenums are fully adjustable to ensure that the nozzles are as close as possible to the containers, thus tailoring the system to the precise form of the products. This customization can even include calibration of the settings for perfect line regulation with efficient drying operations.


Hassle-free transition between batches

The system’s graduated indicators make it easy to reproduce a precise plenum positioning for a quick and efficient changeover between product batches. Adjusting the nozzle’s positioning is just as simple, either manually using the crank system or automatically with the help of a motorized system.


Energy savings combined with enhanced operator comfort

The remarkable adaptability of the nozzles and their proximity to the containers guarantee optimized air flow. The system runs with just one fan controlled by a 7.5 or 15 kW inverter.


At the same time, Gebo Cermex’s noise-absorbent casing makes for greater comfort of use, with a noise level of less than 80 dB.


A brilliant debut

OptiDry® received its exclusive world premiere at Drinktec 2013 in Munich last September, and already 32 OptiDry® systems are in operation on packaging lines all over the world, from Brazil to Tajikistan.


Jean-Baptiste Grosperrin, Product Manager for Drying Systems at Gebo in Reichstett, explains why he is excited about this success:


“OptiDry® represents a major step forward for drying systems, offering impeccable results while also boosting overall efficiency. Clients can use the system for everything from soft drinks to food products.”


After this auspicious start OptiDry® is now ready for full international release, with an official launch scheduled at Düsseldorf’s Interpack trade fair on 8-14 May 2014: Hall 13, stand C47.


OptiDry® combines Gebo Cermex’s historic conveying expertise with the latest in packaging engineering. Optimized product flow management makes OptiDry® more efficient than the alternatives, and its superior flexibility means the system can be precisely calibrated to users’ needs.


OptiDry® systems are already in operation in a huge variety of situations worldwide, and the technology is soon to be extended to high-speed can and glass packaging lines: yet again Gebo Cermex is leading the way to the future of packaging.


Vital statistics

  • Over 99% efficiency, proven through extensive testing
  • Up to 3 drying modules for greater adaptability
  • Minimized energy consumption and reduced noise levels
  • Customized nozzle positioning – getting them as close as possible to the products. Power calibration for optimal air flow
  • And of course that famous Gebo Cermex know-how, for optimized production flows and handling accuracy


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