The flexibility to keep pace with the times, and increase your resource efficiency

With equipment being such a large investment, future-proofing your line is essential. Our line improvement services can help you extend the lifecycle of your line by identifying issues in advance and implementing the latest technologies for improved efficiency and long-term performance.





Optimise your line performance over time 


New technologies and solutions appear on the market constantly, and we ensure that your equipment is never left behind. Sidel Options & Upgrades, now accessible via Sidel Services Online, can help you stay in sync with a changing, competitive marketplace. We offer a wide range of innovative technologies and upgrades that can significantly increase product quality, line efficiency and production performance. 






Discover your blower's hidden potential


Whether remotely or on-site, our engineers and technicians can evaluate your blower's performance, identify unseen issues and analyse inefficiencies. Sidel's ECO Booster reveals potential improvements, proposing appropriate energy-saving solutions and identifying ways to reduce the need for heat, electricity and raw materials, thereby reducing both your total cost of ownership and your environmental footprint.



Learn how our line improvement services can take your line to the next level: