Stand out and save with Sidel flexible labelling solutions

Benefit from our 45 years of labelling excellence

Labelling is essential to building your brand. It is the most dynamic and changeable product packaging element and a prime consideration for beverage producers everywhere. Subject to increasing regulatory demands globally, labelling today is a highly intricate process and more vital to your products than ever before.

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With 45 years of industry labelling experience, we are well aware of your need for attractive packaging. You also need sustainable and cost-efficient production in order to meet increasing regulations and consumer demands. At Sidel, we make sure we stay on top of industry trends and have the expertise to meet all your labelling needs. 




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  • Brand impact The moment of truth

    It's never been more important to stand out from the crowd in today's competitive beverage market. As your products' main communicator to consumers, labels are more than an identifier - they allow you to differentiate your products and give consumers the information they need and increasingly expect. 


  • Personalisation One of a kind labels

    The increasing popularity of beverage label personalisation presents challenges in the labelling process, as batch sizes are becoming smaller and timing tighter. This means customised labels must be designed and produced quickly.


  • Sustainability and cost efficiency Using fewer materials

    Sustainability becomes a greater consideration for retailers and consumers in the decision making process. That is why beverage producers seek solutions that minimise environmental impact while maximising efficiency, decreasing costs and ensuring reliable performance. While thinner labels lead to lower resource use, and ultimately lower costs, less glue can also simplify the recycling process, reduce maintenance and increase machine efficiency.

  • Flexibility Quick changeovers, more possibilities

    When it comes to labelling a variety of beverage types and bottle formats, more than ever before, flexibility has become a valuable benefit to beverage producers. The top priorities today are faster product and format changeovers, simple operations and optimised processes that use the same line for different label types.


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Labelling 2Whether you want to apply roll-fed labels, sleeves, pressure sensitive or pre-cut labels, all Sidel labelling solutions allow you to create attractive, eye-catching labels for increased brand recognition.

Easy to use and flexible, they enable you to use different label materials and types on the same machine. They also incorporate a range of technologies suitable for many types of containers and products: from beverages to food and cosmetics to detergents.