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Meet the super-compact, economical palletizing solution Pal-Pack 3300

High-speed expertise applied to a low-speed system

With superior flexibility, performance and a reduced footprint for low-speed packaging lines, the Pal-Pack 3300 offers unprecedented efficiency and ease of use at an unbeatable price. Laurent Ferre, Innovation Manager for Cermex Palletizing Business Unit at St Laurent sur Sèvre, explains the philosophy behind this innovation:


“Our goal was to design a product which makes our expertise accessible to everybody. With the format-automated changeover and modular infeed belt conveyor, we’ve taken the lessons learned from our high-speed systems and applied that know-how in order to create the best-performing single-line palletizer on the market.”


Robust, space-saving and healthier for staff

The Pal-Pack 3300 thus boils the company’s palletizing know-how down to its purest form: a durable unit which is above all super-compact, thereby saving precious floor space.


The new system offers a simplicity which belies the powerful technology contained beneath the ergonomic exterior. Requiring minimal training, it is extremely low-maintenance thanks to the addition of servo-motors. This simplicity thanks to enhanced automation replaces hours of back-breaking, repetitive manual labour, and thus represents a key step in our bid to eradicate musculoskeletal disorders among palletizing staff.


Value for money

Above all the Pal-Pack 3300 is designed to make packaging lines more profitable. The system is capable of handling up to 1400 packages and 100 layers per hour. The machine’s industrialized and standardized design ensures the system is low-maintenance, thereby offering users a vastly reduced TCO as well as value for money and performance that will be very hard to beat.


Versatile & modular

The Pal-Pack 3300 is compatible with a broad variety of product types (food, drink, household products etc.) and formats (corrugated cases, shelf ready packaging, multipacks, Bags in Box etc.) It can handle any type of primary packaging, and can be programmed to match all pallet formats.


One of the greatest assets of the Pal-Pack 3300 is the inclusion as an option of Cermex’s exclusive Pal Designer® pallet programming software, giving users absolute freedom to change and create new palletizing formats. The simple, intuitive user interface allows them to specify the pallet layout, dimensions and operating speed, then run through the whole process using the 3D modelling function.


The machine has a servo-driven electronic spacer system for greater flexibility when the user wishes to change formats. With this system, rows then layers are formed step by step without any contact between the packs or cases, avoiding any potential damage to the product. The changeover between formats is performed smoothly and seamlessly.


Bulky pallet stretch-wrappers: a thing of the past 

This versatility extends to the very structure of the machine, with a modular design which allows users to tailor the set-up to the constraints of their working environment, picking and choosing from among the machine’s range of compatible modules, including an automatic pallet infeed system and automatic outfeed solutions using conveyors or AGVs.


Better still, the Pal-Pack 3300 can integrate a pallet stretch-wrapping system making this key feature easier and more efficient than ever before and, crucially, hyper-compact, cutting out the need for a bulky independent pallet stretch-wrapping machine.


With its ergonomic design and extreme flexibility and compatibility, the Pal-Pack 3300 saves vital floor space in industrial facilities, condensing a whole host of palletizing tasks into a single, easy-to-use system and helping to make even the simplest end-of-line packaging operations more profitable.


Pal-Pack 3300 will feature prominently in the Gebo Cermex zone at the upcoming Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf (8-14 May 2014: Hall 13, stand C47), a perfect opportunity for industry professionals to get a first-hand look at this ingenious piece of palletizing technology in action.


Giorgio Rocca, Cermex’s Product Manager for the Palletizing Business Unit, is enthusiastic about the possibilities of this new system: “The Pal-Pack 3300 is one of the latest additions to a range which now offers top-end solutions for all low, medium and high-speed palletizing operations. Customers now have all the technologies at their fingertips, from layer by layer and columnar through to robotics . Our mission to take state-of-the-art technology and bring it to the widest possible audience is accomplished.”


Vital statistics

  • A standardized, highly compatible system
  • Superb results and efficiency at a small cost
  • Up to 1400 packages or 100 layers per hour
  • Ergonomic design requires minimal maintenance
  • Compact footprint saves factory floor space


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