Dans la situation actuelle, causée par le Covid-19, la principale préoccupation de Sidel est la santé et la sécurité de toutes nos parties prenantes, ainsi que la garantie de la continuité des activités de nos clients. En savoir plus

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Some of our locations’ entity names are changing and we want to keep you informed 

Since January 2019, Sidel and Gebo Cermex former business units form now as a single team. Related to this, some of our entities are changing their name. 

Please find below the current list of entities that have already changed their names. Please update your records accordingly. The registered office, VAT number, and your regular point of contact at our locations remain unchanged.

Italy, Verona Gebo Packaging Solutions Italy Srl Sidel End of Line & Tunnels Solutions S.r.l. 
Chile, Santiago de Chile Gebo Cermex Chile Spa Sidel Chile S.p.A.
Canada, Laval Gebo Cermex Canada Inc Sidel Canada Inc.
France, Reichstett Gebo Packaging Solutions France SAS  Sidel Engineering & Conveying Solutions S.A.S. 
France, Corcelles-lès-Citeaux Cermex SAS.  Sidel Packing Solutions S.A.S.
France, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre Cermex Newtec SAS Sidel End of Line Solutions France S.A.S. 
Thailand, Bangkok Gebo Cermex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Sidel End of Line Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. 
India, Pune Cermex India Private Limited Sidel End of Line Solutions India Private Limited
Philippines, Laguna Gebo Cermex Philippines Inc. Sidel End of Line Solutions (Philippines) Inc.
This is ongoing for some of our other entities, and this list will be updated in the period ahead.
Thank you for updating your records and we appreciate your business!
Le groupe Sidel a mis à jour sa politique de gestion de la confidentialité
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