Sidel Complete Line Solutions

As technology becomes more advanced, beverages become more diverse and your needs constantly change, the key to increasing performance and longevity is a holistic approach to production. The best solution goes beyond the equipment and starts at the very beginning, with technical know-how and packaging expertise that comes from a full solution partner.


With Sidel's expertise in PET liquid packaging and over 40 years of experience in complete line solutions, we can help you optimise the cost and performance of your line at every step. With packaging development, flexible and reliable equipment, tailored line design, efficient line supply and ramp-up, smart data and Sidel Services™, we ensure that your investment meets your objectives today and tomorrow. 

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Bring your ideas to production

Prove performance across the supply chain

Partner with Sidel to bring your beverage idea from concept to industrial reality. With Sidel's packaging expertise, you get a thorough understanding of the entire supply chain, from market trends and consumer tastes, to distribution challenges and local regulations. Our dedicated in-house packaging laboratories and technical know-how help you create a bottle that is lightweight, flexible and durable. 


Before your bottle concept heads to production, Sidel's virtual bottle modelling and finite element analysis can assess its stability, rigidity and quality prior to industrial production. Liquid package interaction analysis uses microbiological, sensory and organoleptic analyses to assess the recipe, viscosity, carbonation and pH level to determine the most suitable package. Our feasibility studies and performance tests can also validate your bottle's performance across supply chain conditions - all the way from the factory floor to the consumer. 


Sidel packaging facts:

  • 5 packaging centres: China, Europe, India, Latin America and North America
  • 4 R&D laboratories
  • 35 years of expertise in PET solutions
  • 8,000 new bottle designs and drawings every year
  • 100,000 bottle concepts analysed every year

When your packaging ensures high performance, you need your equipment to do the same. Click here to learn more.


Boost flexibility and performance

Choose the best equipment for your product

For any beverage type, Sidel helps you choose the right equipment for your specific needs. Every step of the way, from blowing through to palletising, Sidel equipment ensures that your line can be flexibly adapted to get the most out of your investment:


Increase production of multiple SKUs with less energy and air:

  • Output of more than 2,300 bottles per mould per hour
  • Up to 98% production efficiency

Maintain hygiene and precision while avoiding spillage and waste:

  • Improved accuracy and quick beverage change
  • Up to 30% less energy consumption

Use less materials and electricity with more uptime and flexibility:

  • Up to 60,000 bottles per hour
  • Up to 40% less maintenance costs

Fast packing keeps your secondary packaging appealing and durable:

  • Reduces costs, materials and consumption
  • Reduces energy usage 

Flexible palletising handles multiple products, packs and layer patterns with an ergonomic and compact design that makes life easier during production and maintenance operations:

  • Maintains quality and durability while increasing speed and efficiency
  • Smart pallet configuration optimises layer space for efficient transportation

Once you have the right equipment, it needs to fit perfectly in your plant. Click here to learn about Line Design and project planning.

Line Design

Design your line for high performance

See every factor for the bigger picture

When designing and engineering your line, Sidel's dedicated project team thinks beyond equipment and considers every factor. Sidel experts evaluate line design, technology, plant building features, utilities and production cycles for a complete project plan. These designs can be customised to any environment, from a completely new greenfield project, plant modernisation or existing building renovations. Feasibility studies, simulation modelling and 3D animations ensure that your line's master plans are carefully constructed and expertly controlled.


Sidel's dedicated project team

  • Defines complete project plan
  • Creates equipment, layout and implementation plan
  • Analyses costs and budget
  • Manages third-party suppliers

Once you establish a design for your new line, you want a smooth delivery and fast ramp-up. Click here to learn more about Sidel's lean approach to Line Supply.

Line Supply

From delivery to ramp-up in record time

A lean approach to line supply and management

A fast and effective ramp-up involves several steps before, during and after installation. Sidel's project and site management communicates with sub-suppliers and looks at deadlines to ensure smooth delivery. Extensive tests are performed in-house on our pre-assembled equipment to reduce installation time and ensure fast and safe commercial production at your plant.


Training can be performed at your facility or at one of Sidel's eight global training centres. With support across the entire production process, you can start achieving your targets even faster.


Sidel Manufacturing Centres of Excellence

  • 4 global manufacturing sites: France, Italy, China
  • 30,000 machines manufactured
  • 300,000 original moulds produced
  • 1 million original spare parts manufactured annually

After your line is up and running, you want to ensure high productivity and keep costs under control. Click here to learn more about monitoring and analysis across the line using Smart Data.

Smart Data

Make smarter decisions

Monitor productivity across the line

Once your line is up and running, our real-time data solutions keep productivity at its best. Constant monitoring provides data-driven assessments for full traceability and detailed insights. You can spot bottlenecks, highlight inefficiencies and identify areas for improvement and cost optimisation. The information is intuitively displayed to improve reactivity by employees at all levels across the organisation.


Make SKU changes faster
Automatic adjustments to equipment and conveyors can prepare your line for new products, while the information you get out of structured data can reduce changeover time by 20%, lowering overall costs. 


Sidel's smart data

  • For management: View comparisons and process information for a complete efficiency overview
  • For engineering: Access performance details to monitor line flow and maintain stability
  • For maintenance: Fully trace problems to instigate fast repairs and reduce downtime
  • For operations: Monitor all phases of production to identify out-of-spec values and eliminate inefficiencies

Once your targets are reached, the goal is to maintain and even improve these levels for years to come. Click here to learn how Sidel Services™ experts can support you to ensure Continuous Line Performance.

Continuous Line Performance

Optimise performance today and tomorrow

Proactive global support with Sidel Services™

Once your line productivity, efficiency and performance targets are reached, Sidel Services™ maintains and even improves these levels into the future.


Since we designed and built your line, we have a comprehensive understanding of your equipment and its individual parts. Our dedicated Sidel Services team offers you a tailored portfolio that can increase the value of your beverage production for long-term success. 


Maintaining production
With 24/7 support and over 1,400 on-site diagnostic visits made every year, Sidel's global team of experts monitor performance, pre-plan downtime and provide fast corrective maintenance should a breakdown occur. The reality is, without proper intervention, performance can decrease over time. We help you predict and resolve issues before they affect production to ensure the longevity of your line. Together with a proactive approach to spare parts management, you can also optimise costs.


Adapting production
As consumer demands change, you need the flexibility to adjust your existing line for a new product, recipe or package. With original Sidel moulds, line conversions can result in increased uptime, reduced costs and greater overall production flexibility. 


Improving production
With over 500 options and upgrades for every step of production, we make sure your equipment can benefit from new technologies that can boost the performance of your line to new levels. In addition, Training in new methodologies and procedures by Sidel experts can also improve production and can take place on-site, online or at any global Sidel Training Centre.

Explore below our complete line solutions for your beverages: