Sidel Services

At Sidel, we know that long term performance is dynamic. We also know that your line is a critical production asset.


As a producer, you need optimum performance at each stage of your production lifecycle, from initial line design to construction, throughout the production cycle – and beyond. Sidel’s expertise in line solutions enables us to assist you every step of the way with Sidel Services, so you can build, maintain and improve your line performance.


Build your teams’ performance:

  • Ensure your equipment’s and operators reliability and efficiency
  • Train your operators for fast ramp-up and optimal productivity
  • Achieve your production targets quickly and safely

Maintain your performance during production:

  • Maintain stable, continuous performance for maximum uptime and productivity
  • Protect the efficiency, viability and value of your assets 

Improve continuously your performance:

  • Improve your equipment flexibility for adaptation to market trends and latest technologies
  • Monitor and optimise your consumption and costs for improved TCO and ROI

Continuous performance over time 


Sidel Services: build, maintain and improve your line


Add value to your Sidel equipment. Together, we can improve:

  • Product quality
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Cost optimisation
  • Brand support