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Today, shrink sleeve represents around 20% of labelling production and is one of the fastest growing formats. The increasing use and success of this heat-shrink sleeve label is largely due to its potential to provide far more branding opportunities than conventional labels.

The potential for the shrink sleeve label to be more customised and eye catching is key to influencing the consumer purchasing decision and ensuring a significant impact on your product's success.

The shrink sleeve labels adapt to any surface with no restrictions on container shape. At the same time, it is especially suitable for lightweight containers. The label sleeve can function as an effective seal and can also serve as a light barrier to protect the liquid. With heat shrinking, no traces of glue are left on the bottle, simplifying the recycling process. 

In developing the RollSLEEVE labeller, Sidel focused on the branding opportunities shrink-sleeve labels present. In addition to its potential for delivering reduced operating costs, the RollSLEEVE labeller combines the simplicity of Sidel consolidated roll-fed technology with an innovative, high-speed shrink sleeve process in one single machine.

Find the labeller model to fit your bottles production

Max. Speed (bph)


Bottle diameter (mm)

Machine model


Carousel diameter (mm)




Pitch (mm)


Min Max 
54,000 55 

Sleeve 100

Labels 110 

RS F65  1920  48 126 
Label specifications
Machine Model Label length (mm)  Label height (mm)  Label material Label thickness 
  RS F65  Min  Max  Min  Max


PP, PET, PE, PVC, Polyphane, OPS

 15 - 130 µm 

 Sleeve 193

Roll-Fed 177

 Sleeve 355

Roll-Fed 30

 Sleeve 50

Roll-Fed 30

Sleeve 230

Roll-Fed 170 


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